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    Solar For Shed

    Sam, did you ever get the solar installed on your shed? Looking to do the same.
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    New Rec Center?? It appears we'll be getting a new "rec center".
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    Over/Under on Election Signs

    What is the over/under on election signs coming down especially for those who lost?
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    Construction in Charlottte Hall

    Rheinlander beer was around $5.00 back then. It's the only beer I've ever thrown away.
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    Woke Coffee Shop Closes Down After Insane Demands From Even-More-Woke Employees

    Very observant, you may be right. Either way I enjoy the song and the band's name.
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    Three egg omelet with sausage, garden fresh peppers and pepper jack cheese.
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    Did KISS invent the power ballad?

    I guess Angie from the Stones doesn't count because it's a break up song and too good.
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    Local SMC Elections / Candidates Thread

    Chris Palombi is a great guy! I've known him for over 10 years through ice hockey. He's got my vote!
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    Bizarre Names want to buy my item on FB Marketplace

    I had an add on this site and got an email from someone in Washington State asking that I send the item to them. They'll send me a check including for shipment but they ask that I don't cash it until after my item has shipped. Too many red flags to count. I told them they must think I was born...
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    Great Mills 7-11

    Does anyone know what's happening to the 7-11 near Great Mills High School? I think they've been working on it for what seems like two years and it's come to a complete stop.
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    Bum wines from your misspent youth

    Annie Green Springs
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    what song are you listening to? In the Summertime - Seems appropriate given the heat
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    Gas Prices...

    I heard Brandon blamed it on the problems from the previous administration and Putin the other day in Ohio I think it was.
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    Brass Rail

    Does anyone know what's going on with the Brass Rail? I like some of the things that have been done, i.e. clean up and ball games back but I'm not sure what comes next.
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    what song are you listening to?

    Detroit Rock City - KISS