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    Look what I got!

    IS this a don't bother me when the cat kills something again necklace?
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    More online dating observations

    If men's shoes belong in a closet then we have a "closet" under the coffee table next to the back door.
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    More online dating observations

    I bought my husband the cammo crocs. He wears them when boating or doing chores, but he does not wear them socially (if that is the right word?) I don't mind guys who wear crocs, but I probably wouldn't really want to see them on a first date either.
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    Friend zone

    I mostly agree with this. I have friends who are guys and friends who are guys that I might would take a closer look at if I wasn't married. But I always know early on which category they go in.
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    Funny picture

    I just scooted the chairs over to the fridge/freezer to get ice cream when I was little. Climbing the shelves... such a male thing to do.
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    The 9 Best Times to Have Sex

    my sight was a littly fuzzy as i first started reading and i read #6 as... if you want to cry that sounds terrible.
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    Funny picture

    I'm confused by the contents... what is that pink stuff? Is it ice cream? Why is it so melty? Is it something else. Are there 2 packs of ham there? On the bright side, it looks like he might have landed on a loaf of bread which probably helped soften his fall.
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    Drum roll please...

    I don't think using North would be bad on its own, particularly if used for a middle name, but I do not like both directional words together.
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    Drum roll please...

    I've only ever known kids who spelled it -or.
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    Maryland is the 1st state to ban crib bumpers

    I don't think they even know if bumpers are really bad... just that more SIDS deaths occur when there are bumpers (or babies are on their stomachs). They really know NOTHING about SIDS. They just guess based on percentages.
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    Me thinks "Editor"....

    One was a weather cancellation for 2008. I think there is some sort of problem.
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    Pork And Beans

    results in a loose booty
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    Pork And Beans

    Man I haven't thought about gogo in forever. Now I've got songs stuck in my head.
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    I Was Attacked by the Biggest Bee EVER

    Maybe if you'd stop hanging out in your car at the callway foodlion parking lot, you'd stop "seeing" these "giant bees."