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    NAS Gate 1 at 0445

    My fav is the dickheads that hold up traffic while waiting to cut in line to get in the bridge lane on 235 in the afternoon.
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    US reaches No. 1 spot in oil and gas

    With all that said, prices are still way higher than they should be. Especially in Md., and that effects availability and prices of consumer goods, not to mention food. Really, how much profit is enough for the oil companies? IMHO, bio diesel should be greatly encouraged and plentiful for the...
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    US reaches No. 1 spot in oil and gas

    OK that's all well and good. The price of fuel has not gone down to a sustainable and affordable level to reflect the upsurge in production.
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    Riots - Because Slavery

    Hitler replaced the local police with what became the Gestapo. Obama and the DemocRATS will get their way if we let them
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    Accident in CRE

    I too live there, and I agree, it's all about the $$$. As was evidenced by the "one time fee" of $25 to cover the previous administration's book cooking. The bastards responsible should have been charged and jailed. Yes, I know who they are. As far as safety goes, history shows that the only way...
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    Mooch Obama plays race card: Museums are for white people

    This is the plan of the handlers of Odumbo, to cause hate and discontent in this country.
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    Army in Red High Heels

    Would not have been an issue were it the Air Force ROTC
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    Baltimore has a stingray

    OnStar, Northstar is a GM engine
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    Dear Angelina:

    Well said
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    Dick D: Republicans are Racists

    Turbin Durbin spews once more.......................when will the, oh never mind
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    MCPON: Chief induction is not a tradition

    Damned shame. This along with other traditions such as Shellback and Bluenose will never be the same thanks to the PC BS our Navy is so wrapped up in. God bless todays sailors.
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    HBO's The Pacific....

    USN 21 years..................Thank you.
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    Empty Nutella jar burns house down, kills dog

    Nah, Odumbo would eliminate Nutella via executive order........................
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    F-35...getting more bad press lately.

    You miss the point. How can tactics be revised to put weapons on a target when the platform is not fully weapons capable? Oh, I know, load up the UAV with weapons and direct it from the platform.