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    Public Schools News Briefs

    Chef Granados has extended the deadline for competitors to register for the Forrest Center's Annual Soup Cook-off. The deadline is now this Monday, February 29 at 2:30 p.m. If you'd like to register, you must contact Chef Granados at or at 301-475-0242, x28210. At this...
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    Public Schools News Briefs

    The Forrest Center is still looking for competitors to participate in their Annual Soup Cook-off. The deadline for entries is this Friday, February 26, 2016. The contest is limited to 15 competitors each (individuals or teams) in the adult and student divisions. For information about...
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    TC Radio And Podcasting Are “ON THE AIR” At The Forrest Cent

    The Dr. James A. Forrest Career & Technology Center is home to 22 completer programs, four elective classes and one student run Internet radio station. In late November 2014, the school launched TC Radio as part of the school’s TV/Video Production program and Radio/Audio Production elective...
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    Summer camp recommendations in St. Mary's County?
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    Video Editing Software

    Adobe Premiere Elements I'd recommend looking at editing software a little more sophisticated and robust than Windows Movie Maker. At the professional end you could go with Adobe Premiere Pro but with the new Creative Cloud purchasing it could get a little expensive and could be a little...
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    Forrest Center Seeking Welding Instructor

    For more information about the Forrest Center, you can check out the school's website: Forrest Career and Technology Center - Home.