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    In other news, marijuana

    Wow, eating too many gummies and then freaking out because they can't feel their face. Hahaha, wimps. Wonder how many people went to the ER for alcohol related issues or who overdosed on opiates provided by big pharma during the same time frame?
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    Just think about this for a minute...

    My momma taught me how not to pee on myself years ago, and I know where my "member" has been. What is the big deal about washing your hands, geez! Trust me, there are other things to worry about.
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    I miss Metrocast...a little bit...

    I always liked metrocast. Lived here 17 years and just moved to a new place, had to transfer internet and it was a PITA. Was on hold at least 30 minutes every time I called, I couldn't get the speed and TV combo I wanted, they wanted to charge me more, etc. Finally I got a decent lady on the...
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    No Roseanne thread????

    Wow, racism is rampant. Some of you folks who say that calling a black person an ape isn't racist, telling black football players they should be "grateful they have a good job" (I never hear anybody tell that to a white office worker) really. I mean, just really. Just a week ago I heard all...
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    ‘Good Guys With Guns’ Protecting #MarchForOurLives Gun Control Rally

    I've been to London, quite a nice city TYVM. And no, the US doesn't have a monopoly on liberty and freedom, quit watching right wing news. Love it or leave it, how 1972 of you..... ha
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    ‘Good Guys With Guns’ Protecting #MarchForOurLives Gun Control Rally

    Amazingly 26 people were killed by guns in England in 2016, the most recent year for which data is available. That is about the same number of people who died in St Mary's due to firearms in the same year. So yeah, go on and hug your gun fool
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    From The March

    Tell that to my kids who saw their friend shot dead point blank in the head in school last week. You are all on the way out, sorry.
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    You mean like when they let black people or women in? I'm confused.......I guess only straight, white men are allowed in your version of the world.
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    From The March

    how does it feel to be a relic, on the losing side of history?
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    Why are we still discussing this??

    Yep, everyone should have guns (as long as they are white men without a college degree).
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    A school shooting every 60 hours. (And other BS stats)

    A lot of constitutional blather aside, nobody has really come up with a valid reason for owning a gun other than out of precaution. I would argue that in modern society gun ownership is the opposite of living cautiously, it is bourn out of a belief (real or imagined) that there exists a clear...
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    A school shooting every 60 hours. (And other BS stats)

    Well, of course Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Nicaragua, Bosnia, Rwanda, and others would disagree with you about the US of A being the savior of the free world. All the rest is pretty ancient history.
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    A school shooting every 60 hours. (And other BS stats)

    While I do not think I am naive, I do not share your fear for leaving my home. I don't think I need to take a gun to go to Philly, I do not think I need a gun to protect myself from the government. Guess I'm wrong because in 60 years I have never EVER felt that I would be safer if I was packing.
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    A school shooting every 60 hours. (And other BS stats)

    Just pointing out that the constitution is not a perfect document. A constitutional right is not one granted by a supernatural deity. Just curious as to the logic of why you feel this is such an important right in today's society, nobody has even attempted a logical answer, most cite the old...
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    A school shooting every 60 hours. (And other BS stats)

    It's in the constitution. It's my God-given right. And I don't want to have soldiers quartered in my home either, it is in the constitution. Nothing time worn about that..... Oh, and leave your god out of this.TYVM