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    Early Spring 2020.

    The Seer of Seers, Sage of Sages, Prognosticator of Prognosticators. Southern Maryland Stevie says an Early Spring for 2020.
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    What did Yoda say to Luke Skywalker on his wedding day?

    May "divorce" be with you.
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    Pizza Boli's Mechanicsville should be shut down

    What is going on with that place? The business has been changed so many times. Can't seem to keep it simple.
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    Bittery Cold

    Ahhh! Feet that cool SMiB air.
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    World Series Champs!

    I turned off the game for 40 minutes and back on and saw they were back in the lead. Watched the rest of the game from there to the final out. Awesome win. I knew that Stephen Strasburg would be MVP.
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    World Series Champs!

    Two of my friends went to Game 3 at Nats Park.
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    Why aren't we talking about the Nats?

    Happy Halloween. What a treat the Washington Nationals won the World Series.
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    What are you handing out to trick or treaters?

    The ghost with many eyes cut out, you're getting a rock.
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    What are you handing out to trick or treaters?

    I don't get trick-or-treaters in my neighborhood, but my brother's grandsons always to my house. I'm giving them Peanut Butter cups, Twix and M&Ms.
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    97.7 The Bay

    97.7 The Bay needs update their Facebook and make a new one.
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    Fun with Telemarketers

    Blasted calls from Leonardtown about stupid student loans. I say no and they still call again.
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    New Businesses Coming to Southern Maryland

    What's happening northbound on route 5 in Charlotte Hall just on the other side of the recycle station? See some open land being worked on.
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    Shout-Out to AMC Lexington Park Six

    Oh, my God. Glad that he's okay. I remember I was at the theater down there watching Thor and a guy had a seizure near the end of the movie.
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    Even with my car in the garage, it still gets pollen on it.
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    New Businesses Coming to Southern Maryland

    Wow. This place looks like it'll do even better.