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    Berdini Motor

    My apologies if this is posted in the wrong area: I did not find an area where this is appropriate, I am trying to gain some on hands tutoring to explain how the Bedini motor works and put one together. If you know of anyone willing to extend some tutoring, please PM me with their info so I...
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    Charlotte Hall Veteran's Home Poker Run

    I will bring this up to the corvette club, if anything I will be there. As a veteran myself, this is a must attend event.
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    Southern Maryland Corvette Club

    July is half over, that means Southern Maryland Corvette Club Poker Run is around the corner (July 26th). Want to go on a southern back road cruise, come and do the SMCC Poker Run. This is a 78 miles of southern Maryland back roads, no matter what you drive.
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    Snake identification

    Thank you! To bad it can't do anything about the moles.
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    Snake identification

    We have a lotus garden in our front yard, with gold fish in it. While seating the in the dinning room I notice something colorful was moving around along the side of the pond. I ran outside to see, it was one of the gold fish being dragged by a snake. Can someone help me identify what is it...
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    First Ride in a Loooooong Time

    This is tempting, but the "Spring fling" in Leonardtown is the next day, I usually take the day before the show to clean my car. Have a great ride, the weather is going to be nice.
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    After market seat

    Look up "mean city" in NC. You can modify the stock to your specs and have them incorporate the memory foam. I had a 2007 Road King classis, after I had it done by them it was very comfortable for les than 200, if I didn't have to get gas or answer mother nature. I can stay on the saddle for...
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    Southern Maryland Corvette Club

    Southern Maryland Corvette Club is holding their first ever and hope to be an annual event "Poker Run". This is to benefit local "Food Bank/Pantries, Toys for Tots and Business, Education and Community Alliance (BECA) scholaship". If don't know what BECA is, this is an arena where the local...
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    First Ride in a Loooooong Time

    A long and twisty roads is what you are looking for and closer to home, I planned an over the week end ride to Wystheville VA. Then take 21 towards Damascus VA on route 58, then down towards Butlet TN on 91. If you've been to the Dragon, route 58 is a large version of 58 plus miles of it...
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    First Ride in a Loooooong Time

    Jusging from the responses from everyone, sounds like a group ride with members from the forum. So who volunteered to start a "ride" thread? My average ride after work is about 70-80 miles around the area.
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    First Ride in a Loooooong Time

    pin point a destination and then go through all the back roads to get there. I do that from Town Creek to get to Sea Breeze on sandgates road or to back road Inn.
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    For all the motorcycle riders

    Yes they provide the bikes. Hate to disappoint you but the instructors on base and the instructor for MSF, at least the instructors at the time I took their class to ride legal on base cannot teach those technique or can perform them. I was told I was being reckless for not using the BIG they...
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    Target Shooting

    About a year ago I decided to get into target shooting, the problem is finding somewhere to shoot. The range on great mills has a waiting list and the start up members is out of my range. I have a friend with property she said I can shoot there. I am looking for a reference with the...
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    MVA started issuing licenses to undocumented illeg

    When I was stationed in San Diego, I read in some state financial report that CA was spending 40K extra a month because they had to ensure the illegals can read booklets and other media around the state. I am sure by now it has tripled, hence CA is broke. Not a good subject for me to enter a...
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    Corvette Owners

    Veterans day Parade at Leonardtown, in it will be Southern Maryland Corvette Club (SMCC). All corvette owners are invited to be part of it, we are meeting in Leonardtown MacDonald at 7:15 departing at 7:30 for the parade line up at Ryken High School. Come and join other corvette enthusiast...