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    Corona Vegans

    Vegans protesting the consumption of meat at Harris Teeter as the cause of the coronavirus? What has come to today's society?
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    Locxation I live in a pineapple, under the sea . . . . . . Absorbent and yellow and porous I be . . . . . Who's nautical nonsense be something you wish? So drop on the deck and flop like a fish
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    Wow, did anyone else feel that earthquake?
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    Gas smell

    Overwhelming smell of natural gas up by dominion lng. Hope it's not a leak, can't believe it's normal.
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    Lusby Loonies

    Gotta love the throw-back hippies and enviro-nuts coming out of their safe-spaces to protest Dominion LNG. Trump makes a grand trade agreement to export LNG (amongst other equities), and the nut jobs come out today to protest (if you call it that). Three aged and perplexed people, loitering at...
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    ISO Information Calvert Aquatics Club (Edward T. Hall)

    CBAC, chesapeake Bay aquatic club
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    Recovery ship

    It's the other German sub, sunk off solomons rec.
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    Recovery ship

    What's the big ship doing parked over the WW2 German sub up the Patuxent? Someone recovering the sunken sub?
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    Traffic Rant 235 lights

    How do you get the mva to assess traffic light timing on 235 during the am n pm traffic? And fix it!
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    The Island Hideaway, it was great.

    Great Restaurant I had family come in from out of town and on a chance stopped in on a Sunday evening without a reservation. The place was packed, and we seemed out of luck to get a table. But the hostess and staff went out of their way to find us accommodations for dinner and fit us in. As...
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    Object lights up the eastern chesapeake bay at 9:00pm

    Fizzled out I think I saw HRC's star flaming out during the same period Monday night! :patriot:
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    ISO Information oldtime bars

    Trying to remember bars from the 80s and 90s south of leonardtown and north of ridge on route 5. Was monks always monks? What were the names thur time of the black eyed susan/ark n dove? Was there rendvouz?
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    Caption This Picture

    The Presumptive Republican Nominee? President Trump?
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    Do you know which side of a chicken has more feathers? The out side!
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    Ya know why batman couldnt go fishing? robin ate all the worms!