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    Black residents protect white-owned store in Ferguson

    I stood out in front of my shop with an AR and no one said ####... No news cared... Fing media BS
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    Paper bag speed dating

    Turn the lights off and bend her over... you'd be amazed at the problems solved by "turning the other cheek"
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    Denmark to vote on male circumcision ban

    This is what this ####in place has become in my absence? To skin or not to skin a dick? WTF..... Just so you know, I'm sir cum sized....
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    Hello all

    Thats it... Hello all... How are you? Hows your Saturday shakin up ?
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    I don't
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    We lost one of our own last week...

    Bye Babe.
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    Who Pays?

    I just pay for sex.. why date?
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    What I hate

    I think it depends on how much you pay before hand
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    You online folks and yer grammar and stuff... No multiple Doctorate/s/es .. dammit... Is there another thread I can contribute to?
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    I am on a crap load of antihistamines... So, you'll need to bear with me... What did I miss?
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    Now you're gonna make me actually Fing look... dammit...That looks too Plural.. and I'm pretty sure it says Doctorates in Philosophy in Electrical Engineering...
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    What I hate

    K Jo stays with me, she gets her Biatch on and then it's out with her...
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    Oh... I sit on 2 Boards... I taught for 3 years, many of my designs are on the market, if you work in enterprise storage, I guarantee you've handled at least one. I'll be at Plugfest in Milpitas here in a few weeks, if anyone else is going.. I'll see you there... I have no ideas where to buy...
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    What I hate

    Yeah, I don't give out alotta likes... But that was pretty good..
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    Report me for what? You can call my supervisor, or pm me here at somd... Are you saying there are no electrical engineers in the Maryland and Virginia area?