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    Well, then, this is SamSpade posting under my old Frank persona. Yeah, it's me. I can get to it NOW, just couldn't do it at work back then.
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    Dems to rule without GOP input

    This reminds me of two different events - one when my roommate was an intern on Capitol Hill with Jack Danforth. He mentioned a handful of situations where the Democrats chaired committees and wouldn't let the Republican MEMBERS in because they weren't 'needed'. The other happened at the...
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    IPOD Question

    I got one for Christmas also. So far, I haven't spent one dime on tunes. I DID have to use their iTunes software to load MP3's I already have. My main source of music for my iPod has been my own collection of 100 or so CD's. I pretty much just drag and drop - more or less. I used to have...
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    Special Frog

    He wouldn't get any warts from me - I'm clean.
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    Special Frog

    A woman went into a store to buy her husband a pet for his birthday. After looking around, she found that all the pets were very expensive. She told the clerk she wanted to buy a pet, but she didn't want to spend a fortune. "Well," said the clerk, "I have a very large bullfrog. They say...
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    Spiro Agnew

    Yeah. And Marvin Mandel. We really know how to pick 'em here in Maryland.
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    Weird kid names

    No argument there. Reminds me of the old observation of the difference between jerks, and azzholes. Azzholes are *PROUD* of that distinction.
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    Weird kid names

    Took me a while to connect "grace" with the pool, but I think they were keying in on the definition meaning the opposite of clumsy - where I was referring to both names specifically referring to the grace of God, which is what usually comes to mind for me. But the pool thing doesn't bother...
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    Rosie or Donald Trump

    Don't like either of them although I liked Rosie a little more when she was on O'Reilly. She was reasonable and normal - and admittedly, scared to death of Bill, saying she had diarhhea for days in nervous anticipation. Bill in turn had no qualms with most of her gay issues, which actually...
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    Weird kid names

    Thought it was funny when I found out that BOTH my names mean "grace" in different languages.
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    Weird kid names

    I've known TWO men named Richard Head in my lifetime. Vrai would like this one - I used to work with a man named Frederick Post - which was the name of the newspaper up there (before it bought out another paper and expanded the name).
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    As I was driving in to work

    Poor Miggy. If it's any consolation, you can write damned funny stuff. I used to work with a guy who could only write really great stuff when he was sorely p!ssed off. I've had some of those gems for over ten years.
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    Best gift you received?

    Kind of hoping that with Sam Jr. arriving in a couple months, I - I mean, HE - will have trains for Christmas next year.
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    America's #1 Cash Crop is....

    A bushel of corn goes for about 2-3 dollars and weighs about 56 pounds. So we're talking about something that wholesale sells for about a nickel a pound being compared to something that sells for about 32,000 times more than that. Does it surprise me that this comparison comes from a...
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    Danny Bonaduce - American Patriot

    They had a "Behind the Music" with either David Cassidy or the Partridge Family - and one thing David Cassidy brought up was, initially on the TV show, Danny can be seen strumming the bass as though it were an acoustic guitar. David had to explain to him that bass guitars are plucked and you...