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  • Hey, ff. I have to see Dr. Gaylord down your way next month. I will attempt to stop in again and introduce myself. My name is Robin. Take care.
    Hello FF, After the storm Friday Night, three Peacocks found their way to my home here in Lusby. One is definitely a Male, and the other two are Females I think. They are doing well, and just LOVE Inova Dry Dog Food. I gave my number to Animal Control, but if you hear something about Peacocks on the Lam, call me, or send a PM. (410) 474-5606 TIA, Debbie
    What can you see on the "three hour tour" forum? I see my messages..I saw yours...can you see mine?
    Can you see the discussion I started in our Three Hour Tour group? I'm not sure how this stuff works..
    Hi, You said to let you know when the scanner is down. Thank you again for sponsoring it.
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