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    Abortion and shooting store clerks...

    So if the thug is related to the clerk ...
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    Opportunity to leave...

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    Opportunity to leave...

    Fear not, even if I were moving slowly enough for the door to hit me where Aunt Granny likes to kiss me, all it would do is speed my exit. A definite plus!:yahoo:
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    Opportunity to leave...

    I caught on that it is in California - kind of like here just higher taxes - same liberal BS politics but, I am hoping, a deficit of SMIBs.
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    Opportunity to leave...

    If there are no negatives from this group it can't be all that bad.:buddies:
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    Opportunity to leave...

    Kind of like being here then - except armpit isn't what I see here
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    Opportunity to leave...

    Here for NAS Lemoore. Who has been, what did you like/dislike? :popcorn:
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    What are your thoughts on E-Cigs ?

    I see Bags d'douche using these in local watering holes. I am guessing it is the same attention seekers who will carry on loud cell phone conversations so you know how special they are.
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    Impressed S.I.L. Volvo

    I had a job that until recently required me to travel a minimum of 36k miles per year. 63k not out of the question. Although I think probably there is a decimal missing too...
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    Did I miss this already being posted?

    Never mind :ohwell::whoosh:
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    Did I miss this already being posted?

    That isn't the part that caught my eye
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    Walmart Etiquette

    WalMart - you get what you pay for.
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    libertarians ensure another democrat win in VA

    From Dr. Tim's Moment Of Clarity "To all of my Republican friends that blame us Libertarians for your loss of the Virginia Governor's race last night, I have two words that sum up what happened to you: John Boehner. He is the face of your party, your message, your vision for our...
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    Command Master Chief Selection A young Navy Officer was in a car accident, but due to the heroics of another young officer the only permanent injury was to both ears, which subsequently were amputated. Since he wasn't physically impaired he remained in the military and eventually became an...