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    Volunteer Fire and EMS fundraising

    Charles does, that's how they circumvent their paid crews and mileages or their ambulances.
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    Not to step in the middle of this intelligent conversation, but I'll throw a few scenarios out.... If an officer is conducting a traffic stop on Budds Creek Rd and has a driver flee on foot, he cannot switch to an encrypted channel while he's chasing. If officers are responding to a hold up...
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    Volunteer Fire and EMS fundraising

    Well, you took it personal when you said "I hope I never have to rely on these dumbasses to put my fire out." Why? Because they went around door to door asking for donations? Because there was a truck next door that wasn't supposed to be there? I'm not quite sure how either of those instances...
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    Volunteer Fire and EMS fundraising

    Actually, if anything, you've taken it personally that there was a firetruck in your neighborhood to 'visit their baby mama.' Call Bay District and ask, their Chief is a member here, perhaps he'll read the thread and let you know.
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    Boating Accident on 6/14

    You mean the drunks that hit a boat (or a jetty, still not sure which...), then ran into the bridge, then loaded the boat back up on the trailer, dropped everybody off and decided to call for help? That one? Nope, don't know anything about it...
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    scanner type in Calvert?

    Calvert is not digital. They're Motorola Type 2 Smartnet that's had their base frequencies modified to a lower 800 mhz system. A Pro-164 or BCT346XT should work fine. Older scanners like the Pro-97 won't work.
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    Rt. 4 South of Prince Frederick

    In reference to traffic moving then not moving, the road was probably shut down to do reconstruction and a death investigation. Can't shut down the road until the emergency vehicles (more so the ambulances and fire trucks) quit disturbing the scene.
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    Catch 22

    Are you referring to the area where the old National Mobile Home Park used to be?
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    EMT/Paramedic Question

    I do recommend volunteering before you jump into it if you don't have any experience in the field. Volunteering is really the best way to see if you're cut out for the job before you try to start a career in the field. We have a variety of calls (both EMS and fire) that can test your patience...
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    Calvert Ambulance

    As a member of the Fire/EMS service in St. Mary's, it's obvious we have issues, from the outside and the inside. As EMS_Chief said though, paid positions aren't going to fix this issue. Sure, one paid crew in Mechanicsville is a great idea. But, when they routinely have the second and third call...
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    Working House Fire 11/25/2012

    Both are out of the hospital. One was taken from the MAYDAY, one was taken after. He was being monitored for a leg injury and an abnormally high CO level in his blood. Both are back down the road and recovered.
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    Shooting on St. Johns Road Last Night

    Because people don't stop being stupid just because it's election day/Christmas/Thanksgiving etc..
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    MVA With Entrapment - Oakville

    Loveville Rd @ Three Notch Rd. Reported one trapped 1231; MSP on scene, confirming entrapment with a vehicle overturned 1231; MSP requesting the helo 1231; Chief 7 advises start the helo 1232; Engine, rescue engine, BLS ambulance and ALS en route 1232; Additional squad en route. 1233...
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    Emergency scanners to go quiet in 2014

    Got it, thanks brother!
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    Stupid deer.

    Had a guy hit one on his Harley Friday night down Wynne Rd. Deer caught him on the gas tank. Luckily, he saw the deer and was in the process of laying it down and it just stepped on the tank while he put it down. Would've been nasty otherwise.