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    AT&T ruined Directv

    You guys are lucky, Atlantic BB wants 2600 dollars to run cable to my house for internet. So I'm stuck with DTV (AT&T)
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    Trump releases rule forcing hospitals and insurers to disclose negotiated rates or face fines

    That is exactly what they do. I had a back brace prescribed and the brace was 1500.00. It cost me nothing out of pocket, insurance paid 500. When I asked how it is so that I owe nothing, my insurance company told me the doctor's office will just write the 1000.00 as a loss.
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    What's the over/under on how many got PMs last night?

    Yea who was PMing?
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    Christmas Cleaning

    Why are you up at 4am on Saturday morning?
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    Shoppers supermarkets being sold

    Very surprised broke ass Mckays was able to buy them??
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    Should we be concerned?

    Ohh they can smile...
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    Mike got jacked!

    Who cares about the history. Those times are long gone and the fact now is Lexington Park, especially the Great Mills Road corridor is a $hithole.
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    Mike got jacked!

    This is not a dig on Mike, but what is he gonna do to the little cockroach? Nothing. Very few people in today's society have the balls to do vigilante justice. He's better off giving his middle finger to the $hithole community his business is located in and just do business to benefit himself...
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    Thanksgiving Dinner, whatcha got?

    I'd have to see it. Close to the bone its not uncommon to see some pink. Just cut them off and grill or bake them later to give you piece of mind. I will have a layer of pink within my turkey but its the "smoke ring"
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    Thanksgiving Dinner, whatcha got?

    170* is perfect. Eat away
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    Thanksgiving Dinner, whatcha got?

    Turkey cooked on charcoal rotisserie, stuffed ham, fried oysters, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, homemade mac n cheese, broccoli casserole, stuffing..........I think that is it other than rolls.
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    Blooming idiot Bloomberg

    Dirty game ain't it?
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    I get mine from Thompson's seafood in Mechanicsville
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    lemme get this straight...... You can make stuffing with oysters but can't thaw a turkey?