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    The Squad - You Cannot Criticize Us Because We Are POC

    Go girls...go! Alienate more Americans every day that goes by....wave that Dem flag high.
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    Found in the woods on my property

    Mushroom walks in to a bar. Bartender sez "we don't serve your kind here". Mushroom sez.."What??..why not?..I'm a fun guy.."
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    Qualified Immunity

    We get what you are "ellluding" to....
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    Disabled, Retired Officers Ordered To Return To Work Or Lose Their Pensions

    Early retirement via a disability claim is the common and desired outcome for so many of those large departments
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    SM City still in business?

    Woah. Didn’t see that coming. ?
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    "You can go to live in France...

    Yes it does.
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    Phew..what?..I mean who can shoot that far??
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    It's maddening

    And very thankfully.
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    "You can go to live in France...

    yup. But the Heineken is on tap and plenty cold. ;-) Got your email about the software download. :yay:
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    "You can go to live in France...

    :killingme...for the umpteen millionth insist your shiddy communication skillz are everyone else's fault..
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    Love It Or Hate It, There's No Reason Not To Understand Trump's Tweets

    At least that criteria would define you as a "real American"....
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    Marvel Comics meets Army War College

    I liked William Wallace better.
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    Solar Power

    ...and so down goes the conversion efficiency too. Be interesting to see by how much..