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    A Shout Out

    Having just spent nearly a month in Egypt, surrounded by seemingly thousands of mostly beat up Lada taxis and personal vehicles, I have to admit I developed a grudging respect for those tough little crap boxes. Hey..waht's dis?? feature I see. Instead of just asterisks, a word...
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    The event just keeps growing....20,00 people!!
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    Dad Bod...

    Just resort them. Problem solved.
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    Man Headed to Pokey for Shooting at Fireflies He Thought Were ‘Alien Lasers’

    Can't be too careful these days....
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    Those lovable pits.....

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    Ruger PC Carbine

    .45 ACP... .50 Beowulf. The revolver that chambers that big guy is about $1600...but I still want one for some strange masochistic reason..
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    Ruger PC Carbine

    1860 Army Colt actually...but firing .45 Colt these days. (Howell conversion). ;-)
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    Ruger PC Carbine

    I've had my eye on a .45ACP conversion for AR-15 for some time. Macon makes a really nice kit. Still probably go that route before buying one of the Rugers. For one thing, I don't currently have any hand guns in 9mm or .40..... Speaking of having a rifle (or carbine) and pistol using the same...
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    Notre Dame In Paris On Fire (Huge)

    Maybe he can find another job that is quasi the same...
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    Ruger PC Carbine

    Nice looking carbines. I've got an Alaska Guide rifle (lever action) in .45 Colt that takes down, though...I'll have to put that Ruger on the list of "must haves" but not at the top right now. ;-)
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    That's because the moment one even starts to look empty, she immediately fills it with something. ;-)
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    New Businesses Coming to Southern Maryland

    I used to hang out with some friends in North Beach a lot back in the mid 70s..buddy's family had a waterfront cottage we used, just up the road a piece in Holland Point, and we kept several boats there. "Nof Beesh" was a real dive back in those days..but had some good bars and we had some...
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    This stuff makes me dizzy

    Nobody has ever claimed they were rational...
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    KT Harris: 'I am a gun owner ... for personal safety'

    I wonder what her definition of "assault weapon" is?? I thought a carry pistol qualified as one...
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    Who Will Protect You From The Pinkertons

    " oh I dunno, where ahma gonna go, when the Yellowstone Caldera blows" w/ apologies to J. Buffett