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    Where do I go

    erf :bann:
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    Tipping at Hair Salon

    You can ask her not to put any product in it and maybe just blow dry it a little bit to help blow the loose hair off. That's what I do. :)
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    Tipping at Hair Salon

    So what percentage do you tip? Say your services are $130 (cut/color/eyebrows) what would you tip?
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    That escalated quickly

    My sister better not go to this pizza place then. She is so slow when it comes to ordering. She was at McDonalds drive thru for so long one time that when she finally decided what she wanted for breakfast the breakfast menu was no longer available because it was lunch time.
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    Debate "did you miss it?"

    I haven't watched any of it. My brain cannot take all that ignorance.
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    CBD oil

    yes it tasted like vegetable oil but I disliked the lingering taste and the texture. I'm thinking about ordering a flavoured drop.
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    CBD oil

    Agree with David 100%. Hope you are feeling as good as possible. 🌹
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    CBD oil

    We had several people pushing us to try it ....they claim it helps them with pain or anxiety, etc. We got some drops (and they are NASTY) and some capsules (haven't really taken them yet) and some coconut oil. I put the oil on my legs sometimes for leg cramps. Does it help? I can't say for sure...
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    Junk drawers

    Yup, every time!!
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    Daughter was in a wreck, kudos/jeers

    omg this is crazy. Glad she wasn't more seriously hurt. Hopefully if someone got the maggot on video his picture can be posted and someone will recognize the pos
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    Seafood Restaurant

    We haven't been there in a LONG time but we've never been impressed by them. Takes a while to get your food because they can only cook a little at a time. The view and location is nice thought.
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    Search Underway Lower SMC

    Wow, they were allowed to say he was white?
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    This is the coolest thing I've seen all day

    Bet they didn't do something like this when Oboma was pres
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    That loud crash you just heard...

    What is she even talking about?? She must have watched a different speech than I did.
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    Glasses? Lasik? Or a new speechwriter? Which is needed?

    I loved it and he hit the ball out of the park with PATRIOTISM