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    AOC declares the Electoral College to be a ‘scam’

    Right, she would rather be morally right instead of factually right. Now, I've often mentioned I prefer to be morally right over being legally right, but morals are feelings, not facts. Morals can vary depending on culture, as many goats and small boys can attest to, but facts may not.
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    No sleepless night for me...

    Saw a captioned pic of Bill Clinton and Trump standing together. BC: "Don, how do you sleep at night, knowing maybe half the world thnks you are the epitome of Chaotic Evil?" DT: "Naked, with a supermodel."
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    Editorial: Here’s some rare good news in 2019: The NRA is in disarray

    Seems to be a thing with the left. They simply cannot fathom that anyone intelligent doenst agree with them since they are the "smart kids", so if you are not with them, you must be stupid. But at the same time, since the are the "Good Guys" and the Good Guys always win, anytime they lose must...
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    St. Mary’s County Pharmacies Dispensed Over 32 Million Opioids from 2006 to 2012

    Got morphine in the ER when divertculitis and a kidney stone and when a sneeze screwed up four day old back surgery. I'm not a weak person by any means, but those three conditions had me whimpering in agony. Felt like someone had a flaming hook in my guts and /or spine the level seven to eight...
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    St. Mary’s County Pharmacies Dispensed Over 32 Million Opioids from 2006 to 2012

    I've been prescribed a "lot" of them over the years for variations of back stuff, once for kidney stones, once for diverterculitis. Taken some, tossed some, always keep a few on hand in case the back puts me in crippling pain. I see where some folks might enjoy it, it sorta fogs your brain, or...
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    Cop Killer POS Gets Life

    And why cant Maryland have nice things, like a working death penalty?
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    Old Great Mills Rd & RT 5

    Quoted for truth......... yellow's yellow.......
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    Editorial: Here’s some rare good news in 2019: The NRA is in disarray

    If the disarray resembles the UAW disarray while they root out corruption, I think thats good. Not close enough to the NRA to know that myself.
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    Search Underway Lower SMC

    Or living in the woods near the Library
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    Firefighters on boat missing in Florida

    I cant see even going a mile offshore without an EPIRB. I've spent the last few years working a couple of SAR projects that have sort of dumped me into that world, and I know exactly what value that piece of gear brings to the table. Hell, given a choice between survival rations or an EPIRB, I...
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    Scrapple potato chips

    You can have mine...... and Roses too.
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    Old Great Mills Rd & RT 5

    Way I hear it is that the Chancellors Run properties that would need to be aquired for the ROW for that extension would require a serious eminent domain case as the older members of those familes will NOT sell unless forced. Cold be the thinking is that it's faster to let them die off and then...
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    Old Great Mills Rd & RT 5

    If they are in the mood to shut down right/U turns for traffic flow, man, I have a friken laundry list. WaWa by CVS, CVS by WaWa, No U-turns from 235 south except for controlled insterctions between 3 and 6 pm.
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    Got Beer?

    So, after two years, no change in taste? Sounds like water. I was in the Beer Cave for the first time in a couple of years, killing time while waiting to talk to thye nice man about a gun. First time in since "The Rise of The Cans". Wow, a silly amount of canned microbrews. Got a DC brew wheat...
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    Big shout out to Mark's Lawn Service, Septic Division

    I see what you did there....... :)