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    Biden Lectures America What You Can and Cannot Do

    He didn't say which Easter...and lo and behold Easter is only weeks away and look at how many have had the shot and the tumbling number of cases reported...Go Trump...
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    Joe's puppeteers have Joe running the Country just like they had him runing his campaign.....from the it from his house or the people's house.....just saying ...
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    Chit chat Looks like a good place

    :patriot::howdy: Welcome and enjoy the ride...
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    Politics of Covid 19 Vaccines

    And you can still catch it....
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    Voting in St. Mary's

    We are America. The MOST advanced Nation on the face of the Earth. We should NOT have to put our lives in danger to VOTE in person. There should have been at least 3 early voting locations.
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    Did the 2020 Presidential Campaign just end?

    If it wasn't full of PORK there wouldn't be a problem. Pass a CLEAN BILL...
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    Wine Window

    Best Pina Colada on 4 wheels came from Duke's drive up!!!
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    Whose kid is this?

    He has the flags in his picture placed incorrectly....dumba$$...
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    The "will of the people" right?

    We are a Constitutional Republic...majority does not rule this nation....the Constitution does. .Our founding fathers KNEW what they were doing when they instituted the our Great Constitution that so many today want to circumvent to fit their wants...
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    A different opinion on RGB's "last words".

    Why didn't she retire under The Big O's time in office?
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    Hollywood Loses It's Mind Again!

    Jealous? ????
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    Tapper Incensed

    What is that clawing at his (the LEO) neck??????