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    Its been in the "can" and waiting for something like this to happen to bring it out. It is all a well organized plan to bring down the greatest nation in the history of the world...
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    St. Mary's Co. Identity Needed for Theft Suspect

    Can't they enhance the car shot and get the tag number?
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    What happens when all the statues are gone?

    What about the Confederate Monument at Point Lookout? It is on private land though.
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    Here's the Real Story on George Floyd, Police Abuse, and Racism, and What You Should Do About It

    They also say he had CoVid19...could that have hampered his breathing? Ignore the facts push an agenda. Damn the torpedoes! !!
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    Thank goodness for social distancing!!

    Can't wait to see the numbers from all this protesting and rioting...just waiting..
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    Dear Malcolm James

    No more free speech. ..we must censor ourselves. ..forget What the our flag really stands for...just trample it to Get under peoples skin and flame the fires that are destroying this great nation. God save us...
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    A COVID-19 Humor Thread (Making Viral Lemonade)

    She didn't get the memo!
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    St. Mary's Co. Waterfront Parks reopening

    And raise gas prices....
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    whats this?? Ellen screwing her staff and crew????

    She will probably file for PPP...Just saying...
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    Get Trump Part Deux

    Just Just what we need...flush more. Money down the toilet. ...Democrats are using it like TP!!!!
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    The Return of Pencil Neck?

    And what were they doing when all this was coming down in China? Can anyone say IMPEACHMENT HEARINGS??? WOW!!!
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    How does the DNC Pull The Plug On Their Monster?

    There is NOTHING square and fair with the Democrats...
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    Isn't that Jeopardy Champions show on tonight?

    The 13th is a Monday...
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    Now this takes some skill...

    Only in the 7th ...