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    Can you believe this sht.

    And the are back...brought in from refugees from 3rd world reported last night about measles..
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    masking up again???

    Was met at the door of WallyWorld in PF today by a greeter with a box of masks!!!
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    Need a danged caterer

    Paul Thompson of Thompson Seafood Corner in Mechanicsville...
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    Biden: "We might need a little more time..." Taliban: "No, bitch, time's up."

    And the last thing I would do is pull the BIGGEST FIREWORKS Display this country has ever pulled in a foreign country....NONE of that would be usable...ever! Can't get it out of the country Destroy it.....
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    excuse me, is this January or August??

    Bernie ???
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    Baghdad Blinken on Afghanistan: ‘This Is Manifestly Not Saigon’ All Over Again

    Get the personnel OUT..Then destroy the entire complex..don't leave ANYTHING behind that can be used for ANYTHING. GET the. HELL out and blast it kingdom come!!!
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    Masking up.

    How about the ankle bracelet??
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    Calvert Billboard

    Joe and the Hoe got to go..
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    Administration Trying Really Hard To Convenience Me

    How will the IRS get it back? Not going to happen...
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    No doubt she'll just be replaced with another criminal Democrat

    Not to mention that a Socialist won in Buffalo....
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    Chinese Defector's Identity Confirmed, Was Top Counterintelligence Official

    Dead man walking/talking...his days are numbered...
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    BCBS Class Action Settlement

    Received one.. Not sure if I will respond. I need to do some research into the case before I respond...and they give you a little window to respond..
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    Oil Tanks...

    Burch Oil...I opted for the e t Burch Oil...There were cheaper choices....I opted for extended warranty and coating..
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    Oil Tanks...

    Just had a new above ground installed in January. $3200...but I do have a you HAVE TO REMOVE the ingound tank or can you fill it with sand? It has been emptied...