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    Fall/Winter Dinners

    Have you ever tried Mushroom onion roast? I'm making one now. Beef pot roast 10 oz can of condensed mushroom soup 4 oz can of mushroom stems & pieces 1 bag of dry onion soup mix. Put all in a cooking bag, I put that in the Dutch oven and stick it in the oven at 275 for about 4 hours. Comes...
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    One America News

    A friend told me about this site. Very right oriented , but says stuff the others don't. What do yo think ?
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    Military ID Card

    Sorry that was 2004 not 2994.
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    Military ID Card

    My ID doesn't have a number. Was issued in 2994 when I turned 65. I don't have any problems getting prescriptions. Got kicked out of military medical when Medicare started.
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    Commercials on television

    Don't forget the ambulance chasing lawyers.
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    Opinions on what ammounts to Drinking Too Much

    Not drunk is he who from the floor, can rise alone and still drink more, but drunk is he who prostrate lies without the power to drink or rise. From the Waltzing Matilda Inn, Hong Kong BCC.
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    Informal Trump opinion poll

    I voted for the next supreme court pick.
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    Just to be nosey

    Just who paid for John McCains funeral? Any takers?
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    Air Expo 2018

    would love to see that modern Gooney Bird. I have about 900 hours in the old ones.
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    Lying about Military Pay the military

    I retired in 1977, count em up, that's 41 years so far for me.
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    What's your greatest personal accomplishment?

    Grandma has put up with me for 57 years next month " if we don't kill each other before then."
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    The Difference In Birthdays

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    It has started

    Are you kidding?