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    Baltimore City Woman Sentenced for Medicaid Fraud

    On a scale of 1-3, what are the real chances murlin will see actual restitution?????
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    Farmers market white supremacy!!!

    Well, I wash my hair with “white rain” shampoo
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    Farmers market white supremacy!!!

    Bloomington’s farmers market is all in an uproar because it’s rumored that a farming family, schooner lake, is a white supremacy farm!!! Should they be banned???!!! Let’s all panic and riot!!! It’s a rumor, ergo must be true!!! Run for your lives and carrots!!!!
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    Is there anyone else near huntingtown experiencing sudden Verizon wireless “service drops”? Calls drop, can’t get a dial tone, etc..... the folks st the Dunkirk store are 0 help...
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    Maryland schools plan on teaching LGBTQ history...

    this is the varsity football coach ensemble...
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    short notice ISO.....

    Thank you all! Got one, you guy are the bestest!!
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    short notice ISO.....

    an unused walker for some post surgery re-hab.. Thanks...
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    Is this discrimination??

    Any newspaper, any town has a classified ad section for bid proposals to construct s building, renovate or pave a highway, etc... These are Government contracts. Anyway there is a stipulation that it has to be a minority owned or operated bidder ONLY. Without any other “what if’s” is this...
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    Israel blocks Omar, Tlaib from entering country

    Well, we did... under the second coming of Allah Himself
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    Jeffrey Epstein wasn't checked on for hours before apparent suicide

    Thats John Lennons face on Imagine album cover photoshopped!!!!!!!!!
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    Epstein killed himself

    Frankie and the Five Angels, a doo wop group had one hit in 1958, “come here little girl, I got a banana in my pocket”...
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    Epstein isn't dead.....

    No, no, you all are wrong with a capital W!!! A-Rods RENTAL car was broken into over the weekend at a posh restaurant in the city and his man purse was stolen. It just happened to have a spare $500,000.00 in it..... Coincidence??, Shirley you jest!!!
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    " Common Sense Gun Laws "

    Yes and God forgive a police officer that yells at theirspouse.
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    " Common Sense Gun Laws "

    So, go to any district courtroom and see judges strip people of all of their firearms because someone felt threatened by someone else under the pretense of a “protection order”...
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    Biden Clarifies: 'I Like All Races, Even The Bad Ones'

    Remember the EF Hutton commercial?? “When EF Hutton speaks, people listen”....well, keep talking Nutty Joe....