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    Those lovable pits.....

    so, a pit bull in a SUV wearing a MAGA hat are driving thru Charlottesville with a TRUMP bumper sticker, and..... (fill in the rest)...
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    Bank of America......Waldorf

    Yes, of course, everything is racist today..except things offensive to white heterosexual men.
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    wow, I was victimized too!!!

    psssst: a parody of the Empire "victim", thats all...and call em up and ax him Hank...we're both axed that all the time..
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    Hollywood elite College Cheating Scam

    so, how many senators have their re-election funds enhanced just before appointments to the Military Academies?????
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    yeah, but I suspect shel'll commit suicide with 12 gunshot wounds to her back while driving off a cliff in Utha...
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    If you thought this was an Onion article...

    Well, more importantly, the ventilation power source should be diesel, purchased from Venezuela, and exhausted in predominantly upper class white neighborhoods.
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    wow, I was victimized too!!!

    I was in the parking lot last night after being released by my touring actors guild and approached by some reckless teen girls wearing chuck taylors...they started making fun of me (sniff) and detecting an accent, I heard them say things like, "EEEEhs propah moist", and said, " do't be alahmed...
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    47 Months

    Chrissy, here is a new person or entity you can mail that strong worded letter to!!! Rejoice!!
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    School Ban Limos and Luxury Cars From Prom Because...Inequality

    ya know....this made me think...if school districts can make this decision "for equity" who is to say that no students can go to college or even contribute to a college savings plan for the same reason?...what about clothing, meals, lap tops....
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    Black journalists' group places CNN on 'special monitoring list'

    well, we need more alleged mixed race couples in commercials and probably some more gay black couples too...but, yaknow, all, ALL of the rehab centers for drug addicted commercials portray the addicts as upper class white folks... I guess we solved the ghetto addict problems...
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    Ban Michael Jackson music?

    Frank Sinatra, Steve Martin and Edie Gormet, Dean Martin, Englebert Humpmydink, The Everly Brothers, hypodermics on the shore, I can't take it anymore!!!!! all of those had possible sexist we banemall???
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    School Ban Limos and Luxury Cars From Prom Because...Inequality

    From now on, graduation from pre-K mandates drab green uniforms with a red star on their cap..and an Obama Nobel prize trophy to all to his needs.
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    alex trebec...

    Well, lefties have a weird sense of humor, like Kathy Griffin... I wouldn’t put anything past do know this was sarcasm right?
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    alex trebec...

    Can Will Farrell step up to the microphone on SNL now....I mean, hey, its funny, right...he can get a Baldwin to play mean ole TRUMP and make a skit about the President being mean and responsible for the man's illness.......hahahah...funny stuff, right??? right???
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    alex trebec...

    has stage 4 pancreatic