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    Member Name

    Comma comma comma chameleon?
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    Did anybody watch the debate last night?

    Well, Ron Regan junior looks forward to burning in Hell. He said that.
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    It's Trumps fault that Black women are fat. LMAO

    How in the world can any woman of color be overweight after following Oprah and Queen latifa
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    Two types

    Okay, this is in the Ukranian Capital and the buckethead guy is actually Nancy Pelosi's go-to guy. He is the fake whistleblower about to testify before the Democratic Party "Star Chamber" of fake witnesses about Joe Biden and John Kerry's ponzi schemes in the Country. His head is shrouded with a...
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    Two types

    D’uh, Bucketman and Heteroman!!!
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    Who's off work today?

    It’s indigenous persons day!!! I’m gonna get some Red Man ‘bacca, buy some Atlanta Braves momentos and drive my Cherokee!!!
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    SpongeBob ‘Violent,’ ‘Racist’ Colonizer'

    Kom, you’ve opened my eyes!!!
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    SpongeBob ‘Violent,’ ‘Racist’ Colonizer'

    Didn’t consider those factors. My bad.
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    SpongeBob ‘Violent,’ ‘Racist’ Colonizer'

    And why does Squidwards “nose” look like..... well you judge for yourself. How did “mr. Crabs” father a whale daughter??? Animal intercourses??????
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    Celebrity Death Pool

    Keith Richards, circa 1978
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    SpongeBob ‘Violent,’ ‘Racist’ Colonizer'

    No, the overt disgusting truth here is SpongeBob is living in an openly gay community!!! Brainwashing our most vulnerable, the CHILRREN!!! Look, Sandy was ostracized from Texas for being gay and her only port is Bikini Bottom!!! Don’t you see???
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    $ 300 Dollar Hair Cuts - Because Patriarchy

    I thought this was about poor little AOC's "to-do" list...
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    In a final act (hopefully) of trying to relevant...

    Jane Fonda Arrested During Climate Protest Outside U.S. Capitol The 81-year-old actress was charged with unlawful demonstration and was later released on her own recognizance, Capitol Police said.