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    what song are you listening to?

    An oldie, probably posted this before, but it's great
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    At least Steve Perry isn't singing so this won't upset Vrai too much.
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    Just not right!

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    A new word for your lexicon from What's Her Face

    spit my beer out at that..
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    A new word for your lexicon from What's Her Face

    I posted it in the Bonehead thread about 10 minutes ago...He loves WhatsHerFace. I liked the part where she cut to a pic of Trudeau (lying thru his queef)
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    Where's Bonehead??

    and another...
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    and a dark background behind the check
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    Happy December 1!

    Come on, Spring time
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    The Holidays

    Wonder how FB would like that....hmmmm
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    Biden* snubs his bastard grandchild

    Agree with that, but wonder about the mother's fitness since she ran with Hunter.
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    Did you know…

    Here's something that I didn't know...Russia's first few manned spaceflights (Vostok and Voskhod capsules) didn't have the cosmonauts land with the space craft, they parachuted out at high altitude. It wasn't until Soyuz that the cosmonauts landed with their capsules. :nerd:
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    Reheating Pizza

    Wish this pedo thread would die
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    "I'm a journalism!"

    Hard hitting stuff :yay:
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    Where's Bonehead??

    You're welcome, heres another my man.