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    Ebay Fundraiser for Jethro

    They could go on Welcome (that's and read the forums there, searching for "Jethro" . He's been in and out of the hospital his whole little life, but such a happy guy when he's feeling well, and so much fun!
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    Ebay Fundraiser for Jethro

    Click for great stuff to help a little guy You may or may not recall my posting for donations for a certain little double dachshund puppy for his tonsil removal surgery/hole in the soft palate repair. Well, he made it through that, but still suffers from congested lungs, and the next step is...
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    Meet Jethro, and Help Out if you want~

    They live in a trailer in a hurricane prone location. They have an "invisible" fence. This is a dog requiring throat sensitivity, not electric shocks. I stand by my trailer snobbery. They don't call it "house trash" It's called "TRAILER TRASH" for a reason. Perhaps she was a lovely person...
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    Meet Jethro, and Help Out if you want~

    Yeah, the newsletter was AWESOME. The founder of the group is too. I'm proud to be a part of GCDR. Jethro got his tonsils out, and the vet found a larger hole in his soft palate. Tried his best to close it, but the space to work in was so small and his little lungs and sinuses were so...
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    Meet Jethro, and Help Out if you want~

    Thank you, every little bit helps:love:
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    Meet Jethro, and Help Out if you want~

    Rufus is going to a home with a sweet basset hound brother and 2 human sisters, and the dad's girl friend is a vet. Pretty awesome if you ask me. And Kaylee is going home with one of the vet tech's from my vet's office. Jethro....well, Jethro has to have his surgery and looks a little tar...
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    Meet Jethro, and Help Out if you want~

    We don't know what caused the mom to pass away in the night. She was fine at 4 am and then at 6 her rescuer found her dead, eyes closed and curled up in her kennel. It was the saddest thing. The rescuer had JUST lost her own 12 year GSD to cancer that Sunday, and then Wednesday morning she...
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    Meet Jethro, and Help Out if you want~

    This is Jethro. He and his brother Rufus and Kaylee are part of Gulf Coast Dachshund Rescue. They were rescued at 3 weeks with their mom, and I got to foster them when they were five weeks old. Rufus and Kaylee are pretty normal, as far as ignorant breeding of double dapple puppies goes...
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    Trombiculiasis (Chiggers) in Dogs
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    Paul Newman:Prepares To Die At Home.

    His fricking dog food just gave my dogs the screaming (literally) shaits. Eff you Paul. Hope your dogs decorate your comforter like they did mine, and you stick your hand in it twice.
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    Man found dead in CRE lake takes new turn

    Tigger, is that you?
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    "My kids are my life."

    Here ya go:
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    Gilchrest Supports Creating ‘Dept. of Peace'

    They could staff it with participants of "the religion of peace" and "canines of peace" and all our problems will be solved. :jet:
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    Hershey or Williamsburg???

    Perhaps they can do the Dutch Rudder while there! :jet:
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    Funny and Cute Dog Videos

    You've probably all seen them a thousand times, but in case you haven't: The Singing Dogs and MORE! My former doxie coonhound mix, now DNA tested and identified as a basset cocker spaniel mix snores like those blood hounds.