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    Hollywood elite College Cheating Scam

    You know...a little WWW homework might reveal these Hollyweird elites making public statements about "Egalitarianism,...Social Justice...Helping the neediest of our society"...this would be marvelous. While preventing another student (needy? minority?) from advancing in an Ivy League...
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    Just 5 straw bales...?

    A friend has had great success with straw bale gardening. AND...I am willing to give it a try. (Will start small) Who has the best prices for straw bales in So Md? Any farmers want to cut out the middle man & sell direct? Just want 5...
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    No hill, it was in 2008 - 2016.

    She is saying the 'rule of Law' is under assault. How fascinating. After all the marvelously criminal & underhanded things her State Department did under that fraud Barry Hussein Soetoro Obama. AND ...I know of people who are so naive,...they believe her. UGH.
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    Town of Chesapeake Beach responds to preliminary maps circulated for the Bay Bridge Crossing

    So...this may sound a little complicated,...but it might have merit. Find the last few remaining indigenous people from the Eastern Shore. Award them 'Tribal" status. Grant them the right to build a ferry access on their marshy reservation. Boom...set up a ferry that has a casino on it running...
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    Refinancing: The Right Move?

    Refinanced in Feb 2017...sweetheart 1 year deal (low locked interest rate)...unhappy with ed raising the rate so I went back last month: They were happy to reconfigure a new deal with another sweetheart rate for another year. Saves me about 150/month...thus: worth time to do it!
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    Rick Scott Defeats Bill Nelson In Florida Senate Race After Manual Recount

    AND...when can we expect Broward county to finally have a competent bean counter???
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    Hurricane Season

    I am loading up to go to the dump/recycler....woah,...better save my Gallon Tea jugs for fresh water! Getting up on the roof today to check gutters too!
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    Another wonderful example

    CPUSA,...You are being a bit obtuse,...why not come right out & say how you really feel? Terms like 'pond scum' and 'vicious little miscreant' come to mind as being applicable to our resident Soros puppet,...but that still fails to convey our true opinion of 'it.'
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    Trump tariffs cause 126 lost jobs

    Hmmm,. It would be relatively easy to look at the Doom & Gloom recession prophets of last year (AND 2016) who said we would descend into economic malaise & unemployment BECAUSE of Trump. Hmmm, now the Social media misfits HOPE for an economic collapse (that never came). This is the delusion &...
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    This Guy should be a Democrat!!!

    :shortbus:...But Barry was King of the Choom Gang (and he took the longest puffs according to his stoned peers.)
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    Innkeeper says she'll plead not guilty in racially charged assault case

    Some account I read explained that the muslim couple objected to a 9/11 First Responder memorial at the Inn. Yeah,...I think I would have given them utter silence after that point.
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    Vote For The Democrats

    "Let's open our borders" "Let's defund the military and make them do only socially approved missions." "Because Obamacare put more $$in your pocket . " "Because everyone should enjoy living in Urban ghettos." Maxine For Prezidint
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    A/C Repair

    Leitches...Ask for Gary Ostenso. Its NOT cheap....but they are efficient & get it done right.
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    $15.5 billion wasted in Afghanistan

    Y'know Vrai...I have used some key illustrations on that point in my US Hist course. *Philippine Insurrection: HEAVY losses and entanglement by 1899-1901. It faded after that with a series of policy & tactical changes. Within 40 years,...thousands of Filipinos are fighting at our side & dying...
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    America Is Responsible For Almost None Of The Plastic In The Ocean.

    Gurps...I believe you are 100% correct. I have German friend who DAILY links videos of plastic waste...possible innovations...garbage labs...all focused on the plastic in our oceans. BUT BUT BUT...if one looks carefully at the labeling, advertisements, and types of trash: Its...