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    If "X" wins and "Y" loses...any predictions?

    Looks like the Federalist agrees: We have open threats of violence by the...
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    Today's FBI?

    Was on a trip down memory lane... Anthony Weiner's Laptop was apparently in FBI hands for months & months...with plenty of incriminating evidence on the Clinton Mafia family back in 2016. They refused to act...until it became apparent that they had to release something from it...waffle waffle...
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    If violence is what they want.....

    There are millions of Biden voters who assume that love & tolerance will be restored under Biden. They obviously failed World History class....every single one of them is ignorant of the pattern that revolutionaries are NEVER satisfied with a smidgen of reform...BLM, Antifa are radical violent...
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    My Trump Portfolio vs My Obama Portfolio

    Not so fast Smoker.... Have a glance at Forbes, may change your perspective (or you may not)... (History can be instructive)☕
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    My Trump Portfolio vs My Obama Portfolio

    But Obama did ALL the work to rebuild the economy and Trump claims all the credit! I have heard this vacuous opinion before...and the first thing that comes to mind: the speaker knows so little about how our economy works. Obama mocked Trump with "What's he gonna do? Wave a magic wand?" More...
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    If "X" wins and "Y" loses...any predictions?

    I suppose my initial thoughts were regarding the hours & days after the election. However...the more I see of a potential Biden win, the more I realize that both the balance in the Senate and the behavior of the SQUAD may be VERY consequential in the months that follow. Would the dottering...
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    If "X" wins and "Y" loses...any predictions?

    44+ minutes to weigh networks putting together the post election "Color Revolutions"... Take a look at the evidence.
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    I did me some "lection judging" a few years back.... never agin

    As Breitbart advised: Film everything... Our voting system is overrun with corruption. How do I know? The 92% Liberal press quickly denies there is a problem...THAT is proof right there.
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    If "X" wins and "Y" loses...any predictions?

    WMAL had me return to some grim thoughts this afternoon... I sincerely doubt this election is going to have a calm November 4-5-6. So...My theory is: A) Biden wins by a notch...Trump loses...and the gloating winners target Trump loyalists, & supporters in a frenzy of revenge: Some in the...
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    What happened to Chesapeake auctions?

    Heartily agree LightRoased!... Steve Gaiser was a GREAT character...wit, speed, humor...and a real talent. I am unsure of what caused his exit but it hit the Auction house pretty hard. I worked for him a little...when I worked with Larry's Brother (Who was also a pretty decent guy!). Gotta say...
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    Radio Stations blanked out / Jammed?

    I always get their local chatter while driving up the hill outside Benedict...and its clear as day when in Drum point.
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    What happened to Chesapeake auctions?

    LightRoasted...I went for many years, and Larry gets credit for his work ethic and commitment to his business,...but it doesn't take long to realize: Avarice seems to be barely hidden. It was a roaring Friday night back in the 1990's...but when you keep looking for ways to squeeze every dime out...
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    Does anyone happen to know for certain where I can donate a wheelchair?

    I believe Costanza may have had some experience with questionable wheelchairs...must re-watch that episode:
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    Transporter melts down over Ginsburg

    Hmmm, I think she drives Brandywine with me behind her every day.
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    Alex Jones

    The Objectivity scale (mildly promoted by the Left) has networks like NPR, and the WashPo...somewhere near the apex of objectivity, while the Washington Examiner...and NY Post are clearly pushing a "fringe" narrative. Info Wars...registers over in the raving lunatic spectrum, just beyond Michael...