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    Best commuter route from Laplata to Landover?

    Depending on where they live in LaPlata, they can get to Landover without ever touching the beltway. If feasible, based on their starting point, they make it over to 381 to Rt.4 to Ritchie Marlboro Rd to Capitol Heights and take any number of surface roads from there to their final destination...
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    Has anyone seen coyotes in clements?

    There have been coyotes in the area for 15+ years. I used to hunt down there and saw them back then.
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    So, new style water tank by Nicoletti's

    When they complete the water tank, they will crane it up to the top of the concrete pillar and it will be as tall, if not taller, than the original one.
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    Stealing from a church

    Scout trailers were distinctive, thus identifiable. The church trailers were plain. Trailer thefts are rampant in DMV.
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    I just thought of something else this lockdown is screwing up

    Yeah, I'm the President of Mechanicsville Optimist Club. Can't tell you how many of our events have already been cancelled. All the clubs are cancelling lots of fundraisers, so our service to the youth of the county could be majorly impacted.
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    Charlotte Hall Marketplace

    They've started construction again. Wonder what the plans are.
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    Going ape in Charlottesville

    Sorry for the loss of your mother.
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    ISO Recommendations Master Bathroom Remodel

    Always a Project Inc. He does great work.
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    The Rocket

    What? No more screaming goat? Whatever shall we do? No more foul language on the radio? Darn the luck. See ya!
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    Truck Shopping...

    GMC over Nissan every time.
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    Big Dogs Budds Creek Expo

    Mechanicsville Optimist Club will be there cooking food.
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    Fire Ants!

    Borax will kill them.
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    Probably depends on the nature of their crime. There may be different rules with people who victimize adults vs. youth.
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    howdy kids. Im back.

    Awesome! Welcome back.