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    RIP Lord Stanley

    you will be missed by many..... rest easy my friend. 😭
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    Rescue pitbull mauls & kills 90 y/o woman

    and should be able to kill an effing lab also as I have seen more aggressive labs in my life due to POS back yard breeders wanting to make a fast dollar thinking they have a great dog.
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    Rescue pitbull mauls & kills 90 y/o woman

    bbwwahsaa... mals... malinois are not a breed I would say are good with interacting with people... (or malamutes? seeing you put it with husky)
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    Rescue pitbull mauls & kills 90 y/o woman

    or swallowed ... or I think running down his moms butt crack would have been better
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    Rescue pitbull mauls & kills 90 y/o woman

    I guarantee my Malinois will do way more damage than the pits. but.... they have to do something to keep the site going
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    Rip kdenise977

    I got to know her in real life and she was an amazing friend. she had some major health issues a little over year ago and was still getting back on her feet. But she ended up having a stroke a few weeks ago. my heart is broken for her husband and her son.
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    Rip kdenise977

    Its with a heavy heart that I let everyone know that KDENISE977 passed away June 16th 2017. She left behind a young son and a loving husband. Please keep her family and friend in your thoughts and prayers. :bawl::bawl::bawl::frown:
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    Hanky Panky the Beagle is Lyme and HW+

    its a myth about dogs scooting because of worms. its usually anal glands that are impacted or not empting correctly
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    Lost hiker survived weeks in woods

    that doesn't matter.... Air scent dogs would have been the key factor in this search as they are trained to search and locate "any" human scent. they are not scent specific like tracking/trailing dogs. Air scent dogs work on their own as their handler (and other searchers) guide the dog...
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    Lost hiker survived weeks in woods

    I have not looked at the links but as a certified Search Manager there could be many factors why the dog did not reach her. Poor planning and searching by hander, weather conditions, how the area was gridded out and how many times did they search the area.
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    Lost hiker survived weeks in woods

    question.... so you stated that there was a bloodhound team close to you. Who or what were they looking for?
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    Goodbye shopping center by wawa

    welcome Harris Teeters
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    The neighbors kid

    I will bring beer and :snacks:
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    Please dont take kids to Deadpool.