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    Suddenly, my babies are not babies anymore.

    WOW!!! they have grown so much!!!
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    Best Take out or Restaurant Fried Chicken

    Chaptico Market!!!
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    Those things are no fun. I have never had them until Oct. of last year. Was getting out of the shower and one hit me. I have never felt that kind of pain before. I had about 1/2 dozen more over a 2 week stretch. Many tests done and still no positive answer as to why they happened. My doc put me...
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    Little late but, Happy Birthday.
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    Happy Birthday Socki

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    Beer 30....

    I'm definitely a fan of the Honeycrisp Apple. :yay:
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    Beer 30....

    Looking forward to enjoying a few cold ones tonight while watching the storm roll in... Not that I need an excuse. :buddies:
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    Off Topic Thread

    " Done" with the BS. I've been there for a while, guess it wasn't brought to your attention till now...
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    Off Topic Thread

    I hate sitting in the waiting room!!!
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    Happy Birthday Beta

    Happy Birthday!!!
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    Best Breakfast in Southern Maryland !

    For On-The-Go, Scrapple, Egg & Cheese Sandwich from Chaptico Market...
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    Off Topic Thread

    Hell NO, don't waste a Honey Crisp on it. Just use a cheap Red Delicious...
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    Off Topic Thread

    Cut an apple in half and let it sit overnight in your vehicle to remove the smell of smoke!!! Yes, it works!
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    New Restaurant in Jaspers Building

    True... Well, I guess I will give it a try then.
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    New Restaurant in Jaspers Building

    Hmm, the wife and her friends went to Elements for lunch and they loved it. She informed me that we would be trying it on our next "date". Now, I'm having mixed feelings based on reviews in here...