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    What Are Your Memories From Two Years of the COVID Cult?

    Being unfairly shamed for not wearing a mask and/or for not getting the faucci-ouchie is my biggest take away for the past 2 years sociology boondoggle. Watching people that I totally didn’t expect to succumb to peer pressure fold up like cheap chairs in a wind storm was the biggest...
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    If America was invaded, more than half of Democrats said they would flee before fighting for their country

    Strong men make good times Good times make weak men Weak men make hard times Hard times make strong men Seems like the cancer of liberalism has hit high gear in the recent years towards the development of weaker people. They disincentivize independence by making people dependent with the allure...
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    If America was invaded, more than half of Democrats said they would flee before fighting for their country

    38% makes sense. We're deep in the third turning of the Strauss–Howe theory. I'd expect the weak to flee.
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    6 teens charged with murder in Iowa school shooting

    Marksmanship seems to always be a low priority with these goofball wannabe gangstas. Just more of the same.
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    Business as usual in the park

    The common denominator is off the table. Any bets on where the soon to be caught perp is from? I'm betting Suitland on this one.
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    Charles Co. Charles County Sheriff’s Office / Maryland Attorney General’s Office and Maryland State Police Investigating Fatal Motor Vehicle Crash on St. Charles

    Same ol song n dance police brief for Chuck County. I have often thought about starting a "People of Waldorf" website to showcase the retardation of the actions taken by the peeps of the northern sector of the Steny Hoyers coveted district 5. But only in reprisal I give the thought pause. The...
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    WATCH: Students support diversity quotas...until it comes to football

    I love watching the wheels fall off of a feeling wagon when false beliefs are challenged. On the bright side, we got to see the seed of reality germinate between their ears and maybe, just maybe, they will challenge their goofball peers when the subject presents itself in the future.
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    just a thought that makes you think hummmmmm....

    Ranitidine is another one that had all the blessings from the FDA...
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    Lightfoot asks Biden for help amid crime wave after dismissing Trump's offer

    Sending in the ATF to "share" where the firearms originate from reeks of the Obama administrations failed Fast and Furious scandal. This exercise will result in nothing more than garbage data development to go after Pro 2A states.
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    Michelle’s school lunch program going to the pigs

    Preach!! "They" most certainly are the ones who are whittling away at our rights, day after day by 6 people committee votes. "They" ruined the light bulb, "They"'re destroying the coal industry, "They" ruined small engine carburetors, "They" are turning the internet into a utility. Here's...
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    Michelle’s school lunch program going to the pigs

    Kudos to the hog farmer for making use of excellent feed supplement. I raised hogs 27 years ago and used to get a truck load of day old bread, milk, yogurt, pies, cakes, ect on Tuesdays & Thursdays. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the product, it was just out dated and had to be removed...
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    You (states) deny climate change? We'll deny you fed funding

    Wouldn't surprise me one bit to see our country renamed to "The United States of Federal Submission". The similarity of the movie "Braveheart" is the first thing that comes to mind when I read of another government agency backing ya in a corner to comply or else.... Check out the list of US...