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    Colon Cancer

    Except when they hit the air pump... :jameo: I have a lot of radio folks praying for this to work out well for you HC. :yay:
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    RIP Our Sophie Girl

    You gave her 6 years that she otherwise might not have had and I'm sure she was grateful (in her own way) for that. God's comfort to you both for that kindness. :howdy:
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    Catholics have a new Pope

    The Italian guy won because he made the cardinals an "offer they couldn't refuse"... :evil:
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    Matthew 13:44-46 Give it up....

    I'm not one to normally start religious threads here but, in these tough times, I think some Apocalyptic warnings will become a necessity. Starman vanished and many others have quieted down. I've always been more of the teacher type so I usually address the already posted topics more so than...
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    Why Call 911?

    Absolutely! I will not be cowering in the corner of my room waiting for the 911 person to tell me what I should do next. :yay:
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    Why Call 911?

    The procedure here is: Get the gun then call 911 if you have one hand free...
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    Matthew 13:24-30 Weeds

    This is one of the parables I use to show people that there is no pre-tribulational rapture. When Christ returns again it's over; finis, done. The believers and unbelievers will co-exist here until the end of time but then... :yikes:
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    Matthew 13:44-46 Give it up....

    I also look at it as a person finding salvation (treasure & fine pearls). Not necessarily selling everything he has literally, but now "selling out" completely to Christ. IOW: Everything now takes second place and God becomes first & foremost in their life.
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    Matthew 13:1-30 Parable of the Seeds

    The parable of the Sower & the seed is a very important one. People need to understand it because it shows that there are a lot of people who THINK they are Christians but aren't (Satans' greatest intention). It also shows that only one who is truly saved will do what God wants and accept His...
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    The Bible

    And I'm just trying to have a conversation with you w/o you going off the deep end about what I say. I've had bad church experiences too but I didn't give up on God, just church. It sounds like you got caught up in a seriously fundamentalist Baptist church and those types bother even me...
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    Phone outage in Clements?

    Call them from your cell phone and tell us what you hear.
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    The Bible

    A few friends of mine also said the series left out a lot of stuff so maybe they should have called it something else. In any event, hopefully someone will have liked it enough to ask questions or want to start reading the Bible because of it...
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    The Bible

    :shrug: Go ahead and blame everyone but yourself.
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    Matthew 11:25-30 God Revealed

    There are soo many lies & counterfeits that prevent people from making a VERY simple committment to God. They'll commit to anyone & everything but Him. Satan gives people all kinds of excuses that "blind" them from the truth (only because they allow him to) and then they blame Christians for...
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    The Bible

    Those names aren't good names though. I sense underlying tones in them. To call it a book of fiction is dangerous but you don't have to take my word for it... I tell people what the Bible says. They don't like it so they attack ME. I've asked for anyone to prove me wrong in what I've said and...