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    Cruise Lines

    I've been on RC and Carnival, and I prefer Carvnival. Both lines have kids programs, in fact, I really didn't see kids very often unless it was dinnertime. Also, the safety factor was great -- from what I saw, kids are required to wear ID bracelets at all times, to ensure that they don't get...
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    outer banks

    Duck and Corolla are nice. More out of the way, too.
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    outer banks

    The nice thing about OBX is the beach town feel. The beaches are much sandier than SOMD beaches, without as many rocks. Waves are better, too. I go every August with a group of people -- we rent a nice house for a week, everyone has their own room, and it's a lot of fun. Walking distance to...
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    Word Association Thread

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    New Any Mom Groups Active in La Plata??

    I've heard great things about
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    Calvert or St Marys County-Where should I move?

    Newark is in *northern* Jersey. Southern Jersey is Philadelphia area.
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    outer banks

    Ocracoke is beautiful, just allow plenty of time for the ferry.
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    Healthy carry in lunch ideas

    Take in dinner's leftovers, if it was healthy -- pasta with veggies, grilled chicken, etc. Women's Health magazine usually has a couple of good recipes per month.
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    This is a dumb question

    68 sounds about right.
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    Holiday Punch

    Cranberry juice & ginger ale. Delish.
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    Word Association Thread

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    family cars

    Toyotas are NICE, long lasting, comfortable, etc. A Corolla or even a Rav 4 would be ideal. Honestly, I'm not a fan of the Charger.
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    Word Association Thread

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    Need a quick eggplant recipe.

    Rachael Ray has a good eggplant stew recipe.