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    Flat Iron Rd?

    There's a green bike that flies down our road during bus route time in the a.m. I hate to see them get hurt but I think it's just a matter of time.
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    Flat Iron Rd?

    It's blocked. Lots of police activity. Anybody know what's going on?
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    Lost dog-Beagle on Indian Bridge

    Hi all. My dear friends lost their beagle last night when he got out while they were away for the evening. He does not have his collar on but he is chipped. He is a larger sized beagle (black, brown, & white markings) and his name is Shiloh. Shiloh is older and really needs to be at home...
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    small brown dog found

    Sorry, not a very good description. Our dog chased a small brown dog into our woods before I could see it (daughter saw it). If you are missing a dog near Flat Iron Road, shoot me an IM. I haven't relocated it yet but am looking because it is so hot outside.
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    Anybody selling a show jacket sz 10 girls

    Ah crap, I didn't see this post until it was too late. But thank you for the suggestion.
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    Anybody selling a show jacket sz 10 girls

    Hey everybody. Anybody have a size 10 (may be able to do size 12) show jacket for a girl? Trying to cut costs for daughter's 1st show. Thanks!
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    Flea & Tick. What works best around here?

    Frontline Plus is what the vet recommended for our 60 lb. dog here. The Plus is supposed to be for ticks. I don't think that any keep the bugs from getting ON your pet, they just keep them from surviving on them and reproducing. We do a tick check often on our dog since we live in the woods...
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    kennel recommendations.....

    I've only used Indian Bridge Kennel once but they seemed to do a good job. New facility so it's really clean and they were quite nice.
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    Lawn Mower Repair

    Smith's was fantastic when we worked with him on our tractor. Very nice and fixed it quickly and cheap.
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    Found sweet dog

    I posted this is classifieds, as well, but thought it couldn't hurt to post here to for all the dog lovers. My friend found a VERY sweet min-pin/daschund mix (we believe) on Indian Bridge Road. She has clearly been very loved and we really want to find her owners. Please call 301-994-0904 to...
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    kid's riding boots

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    kid's riding boots

    Where is Wheatley's? I tried ebay and didn't see anything in her size. I'll check again.
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    kid's riding boots

    Hey horse forum! My 10 yr old is starting back up in riding lessons. Her old boots are too small now. Anybody have any suggestions on where to get a good & fairly inexpensive pair of riding boots? She is a size 4/4.5. I'm not opposed to a used pair either since she is growing like crazy these days.
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    Preschool Reviews Please

    I totally agree with this. Both of my kids went to Little Sonbeams and loved it. All the teachers are wonderful and my kids enjoyed every second of it. They do a fantastic job preparing kids for kindergarten and I've even had teachers comment on how they've noticed the kids who come out of this...
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    I don't have experience with them, but I visited Dr. Reel in Charlotte Hall a few times and thought he was very good. He was incredibly thorough and explained everything to me and had great bedside manner. It was about three years ago, but my experience was very good.