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    Dog Adoptions

    Have you searched the Tri County Animal Shelter?
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    Jury Duty

    I had a vacation planned during my term and simply faxed a letter explaining that I was out of town for "x" days. The lady called me and said she had noted my excuse and should my number come up during my vacation to simply ignore it.
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    Jury Duty

    I was called last year for a month. Checked by phone each night to see if my juror number was called in. In my case, they never cycled back to my number which was something like 135 out of 600 jurors. I was only called in once during the month and reported for duty. We sat in the basement...
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    Inexpensive vacation destinations

    We stayed in this cabin last weekend and it was absolutely amazing. The pictures do not do it justice. The owners were wonderful, the cabin was clean and comfortable and had many staples. I cannot wait to go back and spend longer than a weekend. Thank you Christy for the suggestion!
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    Toot's Bar

    He passed away.
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    Classified Ad Response

    Thanks! I thought it sounded like a scam....delete :)
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    Classified Ad Response

    Is this a normal email to get in response to a classified ad posted on somd? Seems odd to me but didn't know if this is a standard auto response if someone clicks "email advertiser".... I am interested in purchasing your item and i would love to know more about the item and i have some...
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    What was your very first job?

    picture framer
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    Would you call 911?

    Did you used to type out 55378008 on your calculator and turn it up-side-down to read? I did :getdown:
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    Awww, I feel so special. Thanks ya'll!!
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    Happy, happy birthday, Bob!

    Happy Birthday Bob :getdown:
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    Second most irritating female

    Emily from Haverty's and the new "hashtag, coolest mom EVER!!" from the back to school Payless commercials.
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    Need some advice1

    I have a Mazda 3 (not a hatchback) but thought I could offer my experience. Negative: If you ever have to replace a headlight, be prepared with youtube to figure out how to access the bulb (involves taking off the tire and the side panel) or be prepared with some extra cash to pay a mechanic...
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    Pop Up Blocker

    Pop Ups are blocked...I don't understand the manage add ons thing...there is a list of things but from my virus software and Microsoft. I get pop ups when I click on and and I tend to get videos in the background (in two spots) that I have to close out. So...
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    Pop Up Blocker

    IE with Chrome as a backup.