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    Some pretty good thoughts, but why shouldn't their children be allowed to attend our schools? In your preceding paragraph, you say children shouldn't be punished for the sins of their parents. Wouldn't this be the same thing?
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    TC Williams High School

    That movie was Remember the Titans.
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    Man buns

    Another name for man bun is douche knot.
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    Maryland malls begin to close for coronavirus

    Charles County's crime rate just went way down.
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    National Peanut Butter Lover's Day!

    What's everyone's choice? Crunchy for me.
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    Head of Navy, and Seals threaten to resign over Trump’s Gallagher decisin

    Well, September 9, 2011 was a Friday. If it was a nice day I was probably playing golf. Those are my thoughts about September 9th, 2011. Yours?
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    Active Waldorf / Charles Co. Metal Detector enthusiasts out there?

    Thanks all. Looks like some research is needed.
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    Active Waldorf / Charles Co. Metal Detector enthusiasts out there?

    I've always been interested while watching the folks at the beach. Any suggestions on a decent detector to get? Thanks
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    Why aren't we talking about the Nats?

    Looking like the Caps Cup run a few years ago.
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    Sports Illustrated, Hockey News, Consumer Reports, Trains, Model Railroader, Civil War Times, Guitar World, Premier Guitar, Natl. Geographic Holy Crap....Way too many.
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    Replacement card question

    I just signed into the SSA site. It said replacement cards cannot be processed online; you must visit your local office to get one.
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    New York in July question

    We always stay at the New Yorker hotel across the street from Penn Station/Madison Sq. Garden when we visit.
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    Ceiling Fan needs a problem solver

    I had the same problem installing my daughter's with a remote. Turned out the receiver inside the unit wasn't getting signal. Had to drill a small hole in the casing and poke the receiver's little antenna out. It works fine now.
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    Game of Thrones

    The look exchanged between Jaime and Bran at the end of episode 1...
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    Rescreening porch?

    Well, thanks for most of the comments.