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    Abell, MD

    What road in Abell is the house u are looking at on? hell, half the 7th is so wet, not sure what shes talking about..
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    Another chain restaurant coming!

    Whats happened with the Golden Corral? Supposedly opening Summer 2013 ?? anyone know why they've stopped???
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    Has anyone seen ...

    Smirnoff Kissed Caramel vodka in the stores? I heard about it and wanted to take it to a family reunion and no one seems to have it saying they are selling out of it very quickly. TIA
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    Men's Haircut

    Klassic Klippers (?) I think thats what they are called on Rte 235.. by Happy Happy's old place..
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    Transport Wheelchair

    ACTS down by the 7th Opt Park
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    Happy Birthday Old Hillcrest Guy!

    Happy Bday HillCrest !! :buddies:
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    Jury Duty in St. Mary's County???

    I had JD then too! and I got called in twice .. Call the # and check for ur number. and they are right - they don't usually change the information until after 5pm.
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    Don't use Downs Plumbing and Septic

    And I believe one of the drivers who drive it most of the time is the owners brother. jus saying..
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    Did Ferry Landing road used to have a ferry on it?

    Gee, what would Sugar Hole Road have had??
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    Encrinologist-St Marys

    Dr Dorata Krejewski - shes on Moakley street.. very good...
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    Planning a Trip To bush Gardens Williamsburg

    I've stayed at the Historic Powhaten and the Country Inn & Suites (the one on Pochahontas Trail and the one on Bypass). Groupon has a deal on the Historic Powhaten right now if your looking for a condo FYI...
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    Furlough out of office reply

    Sorry for my attitude about those getting furloughed now.. I was furloughed about 2 years ago - my whole company was - and considering all the other companies (under my company) that got their full budgets to include COLA and Merit increases while my company got nothing for 4-5 YEARS... we got...
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    I live in St Mary's and have DTV.. my problem with DTV is one month I'll pay my bill - the next month I'll go in to pay it and its gone up $7-9 a month and I have no idea what for and have gotten no notification of anything going up because I sure have been taking things OFF to keep my bill...
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    Need your Help!

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    Need your Help!

    How much for the desk?