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    Renting Property Questions

    Does anyone know the law around renting the same house with different areas to people. Am I allowed to rent my upstairs and downstairs separately to tenants in St Mary's county. I don't see how this would be different than renting to separate roommates? I have been told by someone that it counts...
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    money leagues

    leagues i can create either a 10 or 12 man if anyone is interested it can be what ever everyone wants 25 or 50 we can have a live draft some where also though i dont think my wife will let me have it at my house if anyone is interested email me a
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    money leagues

    Does anyone know of any money leagues that have open slots. Would have to be a live draft league
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    property line fence

    Does anyone know what it takes to have a fence tore down. My neighbor said he can claim some of my land. He has a plot on paper but he is not a surveyor though. Does he have to get a surveyor to come out and flag the ground before he can tear down a fence that was here before me and him? Or can...