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    More on MD Drivers Licenses

    Been to the Loveville MVA three times in the last couple of weeks. If you have an appointment, make sure your ticket shows an appt #, not a letter and a number. There was only one check-in line (although the signs overhead show is as being 2 lines) but someone who works there came through the...
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    Hair Donation

    Thanks for the recommendations. I've found organizations that will accept hair donations, but I would have to mail it to them directly. Not a big deal but I'd rather have the salon handle it all.
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    Hair Donation

    Hi there. Anyone know of a salon that donates hair? My son has been letting his grow to donate, but I'm having problems finding a salon that deals with that.
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    St. Mary's Co. Driving Paving Companies

    We received a quote from Trading Post yesterday. Will contact the other suggestions as well.
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    St. Mary's Co. Driving Paving Companies

    Looking for recommendation for driveway paving companies. Already did a search and found some older threads with companies to stay away from. Anyone had any good experiences lately?
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    Spring cleaning- need to have junk hauled away.

    I wouldn't mind stopping by to see them. I was going to private message you but I can't figure out how, lol.
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    Spring cleaning- need to have junk hauled away.

    Hi. Are the kayaks usable? I'm on the lookout for a couple.
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    Screwing up math to add to the confusion

    I'm 46 and PEMDAS has always been the rule. Like someone else said "Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally" Good ole Oakville Elem education I guess
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    Planet Fitness and other chain gyms

    I have a PF black card membership and haven't had any problems. I've never tried to cancel, but my monthly charge is taken out as expected as well as the yearly fee. I joined as soon as they opened last year.
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    I miss Metrocast...a little bit...

    Hate the DirecTV genie system. Wish I had read all the negative reviews before we switched to it.
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    Ginnys Country Kitchen?

    Saw on facebook that they are now opened for breakfast only. Sounds like the intend to do lunch and dinner eventually.
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    5:2 diet

    What a coincidence that this article showed up on my facebook feed today
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    5:2 diet

    Medifast worked great for me, but like you said it is expensive and I dont' I have the willpower to try it again. Right now I'm doing keto/lo-carb hybrid. It's been about 7 weeks and I've lost 21 pounds.
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    5:2 diet

    Hubby and I go to PF in California (I'm 45, he's 51 - he's much more in shape than I am :) ). We've been going since they opened in January. It really is a mixture of people who go there. There are some of the gym rats but also older and more out of shape people. My hubby's friend, who is a...