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    Looking for Daycare

    My daughter goes to the kids place off 231 in the industrail park and my step daughter use to go to prep n play. both are very good.
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    Buying a house together w/o being married...

    Speaking on personal experience. Don't do it! I bought a house less than two years ago with my ex and now I'm the one that's stuck with the thing because he's an ignorant perverted bastard. But not for too much longer. It's taking a hike along with everything else....anyone looking to buy a...
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    Fatal Motor Vehicle Accident in Huntingtown

    RIP JOSH!You will be deeply missed. :(
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    Name the Baby!!

    I really like Kiera! And Gabrielle. Those are some good ideas!
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    Anyone For Some Yankee Candles?

    :lmao: It's a deal. Just remind me...
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    Anyone For Some Yankee Candles?

    I don't see either one of those scents. It's a couple different catalogs but the candle scents are Apple Cider, Balsam and Cedar, buttercream, chocolate chip cookie, christmas cookie, christmas wreath, cinnamon stick, clean cotton, cranberry chutney, cranberry peppermint, farmhouse apple...
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    Anyone For Some Yankee Candles?

    My littlest piglet has to sell yankee candles for a fundraiser for her dance class. This is her first fundraiser of many more years to come I'm sure. :lmao: I'd thought I'd ask all the forumites if anyone would like to buy some? Just PM if you're interested. Thanks! All the help is appreciated.
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    Happy Birthday To Jabba's Oldest Piglet!

    Happy Birthday Mac! :thewave: :bday: My how time flies...six already.
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    Suge Knight shot

    this isn't a big surprise. knight has a very voilent pass.
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    book for new parents?

    Terbear pm with your address. I have a few books for new parents that you can have. I don't need them anymore if your interested. I also check and see what I got.
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    I went to Dr. Sheth and he's pretty good. The only reason we stopped taking our daughter there is we moved and it was way out of the way for us. We now go to Bayshore Pediactrics. Dr. Skolnic to be exact. He is very nice and the wait time there is slim to none.
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    Dance Supplies

    Yeah, they told me the shoes she needed. I'd figured it would be easier to get them at the studio. Thanks!
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    Dance Supplies

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    Dance Supplies

    I just registered the little piggy in dance at Julie Rogers in Huntingtown. :dance: Where can I find leotards and shoes for her? She's xxs or 3T. Walmart and Target dont seem to have her size.
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    Small Celebration...

    woohoo citygirl. hopefully i'll be there soon.