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    Any So Md. Businesses that you have a Decade+ long loyalty to?

    In Waldorf.... Myer's Auto Service La Tolteca Nick's of Clinton
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    So what are the good SoMD restaurants now?

    WaWa makes pretty good sammiches..... :)
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    What are you handing out to trick or treaters?

    I never get any kids, but I'm always ready.....
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    Looking for country sausage
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    What was your very first job?

    Besides working on my grandparents farm, my first tax paying job at 15 was a Busboy at Chesapeake Bay Seafood House in Waldorf. I miss smelling like Old Bay Seasoning.......
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    swimming lessons for todlers?

    Place in Waldorf for swimming lessons...........
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    Bad experience while voting today

    So this morning I go to Berry Elementary to perform my civic duty and vote as I've been doing for the past 25 years. But I did not have a good experience today. As I'm walking to the entrance, I'm approached by a Troy Berry supporter and she offers me a campaign flyer to which I said...
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    Recipe for teriyaki chicken on a stick like at the fair??

    I use Mama Sita’s barbecue marinade for my chicken skewers. Boneless chicken thighs, minced garlic and marinade. Throw it in a bowl and let it sit overnight. Put on water soaked bamboo skewers and they're ready to grill........
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    Dairy Queen

    I'll wait until they open a Dairy King..... :)
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    Emergency vet in southern Maryland

    Used them a couple of years ago and had a wonderful experience. It's great to have someone available to care for my dog at 2am on a Sunday. Staff was kind and courteous and patched up my old girl with great care.
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    Winter is coming............
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    Trick or Treating Locations Not Far From Lothian?

    You could try Maryland Manor in Harwood.....