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    New Wi-Fi router

    Here is and updated cost sheet from VA. It notes VIP Basic should have "turbo" level internet, which is now 100Mbps. 75 is pretty close, but it still wouldn't hurt to have the signal levels checks. The wifi performance is another...
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    New Wi-Fi router

    Just call ABB, they should be able to sort you out. I called last night..about 15-20 minutes on hold to get to someone.
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    New Wi-Fi router

    I would suggest testing wired to router and then after that, directly to the modem. If they give you all the same low speeds, then likely the issue is modem or something upstream. Two more questions: What model modem do you have? Which internet speed package are you subscribed to?
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    New Wi-Fi router

    Can you hard wire ethernet temporarily to remove the wifi performance from the equation?
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    Metrocast / Atlantic Broadband - New speeds to ultra tier are here

    No change in upload, but it looks like download has been bumped up to 200 Mbps. Power Cycle your modems and it should appear soon.
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    Xfinity Internet with DirecTV??

    The lease is monthly, you can cancel it at any time. A decent modem is about 100$.
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    MetroCast issues, especially in afternoons

    Do some speed tests and call tech support? Every 1-2 years some part of the infrastructure seems to start failing. Takes a couple of visits but eventually they fix it.
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    Xfinity Internet with DirecTV??

    You can, but you'd need separate cables for the directv and comcast cable. For example I have metrocast for internet and directv for tv. Two different feeds come into the house. The cables running throughout the house are DTV, and separate cable that ends in the basement is for metrocast. The...
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    Metrocast Sold to Cogeco (Atlantic Broadband)

    Cogeco to buy MetroCast assets for $1.4 billion to expand in the U.S.
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    Satellite dish removal

    Don't suppose you have a chimney? When I had my chimney cleaned, I gave the guy a few extra bucks to remove the mast from the base.
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    Kodi is just the the new name for XBMC, there is nothing inherently illegal or wrong with the software and has many legitimate uses. It does however allow you to install plugins that allow you to stream pirated content. If that is all you'd use it for then stay way.
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    DOCSIS 2.0 vs. DOCSIS 3.0

    No downside at all. An SB 6141 will run all current speed levels, runs about 60$ on amazon. It will pay for itself in no time.
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    Local Business New business in San Souci ?

    I believe it's moving to this new location, and something else is moving into its old place.
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    New Metrocast Speeds in January - 150/15 and 50/5

    There are several mesh wifi methods of extending your network. From the little I have read, the google wifi seems to perform the worst of the bunch. The numbers looks like it's just a repeater with no dedicated back haul. There are several other options worth exploring. Here is a recent review...
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    New Metrocast Speeds in January - 150/15 and 50/5

    It really depends with your home's configuration, construction, position of router and so many other variables. If you are relatively happy with what you have, the simplest upgrade would be a drop in replacement for your existing equipment. You didn't mention what model adapters you are using...