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    If there is ever a movie made about AOC...

    Everyone knows that Linda Hamilton was a damsel in distress.
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    Smoking brisket and chicken

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    Prime rib smoked like a brisket

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    Mail Fraud - Stolen Checks!

    Well looky here.
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    Reheating Pizza

    Air Fryer and Steak? Blasphemers! Reverse sear is the only I cook steak anymore. However, we do love our Air fryer and what is 'leftover pizza'?
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    Found love on Twitter
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    MIT solved a century-old differential equation to break 'liquid' AI's computational bottleneck

    Laughs in Skynet while a Boston Dynamics robot pours drinks.
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    Thanksgiving Dinner

    I did a mix of Parmesan and Pecorino cheeses and added bacon for my ORs yesterday.
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    Thanksgiving Dinner

    I smoked a turkey yesterday for dinner with the wife's fam. 225-275 over cherry chunks for about 5 hours. I did have quite the flare up (grease fire) in the smoker which helped crisp up the skin for me. 🔥 Wet brined for 36 hours, slathered with EVOO, kosher salt, fresh ground black pepper w/...
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    Thanksgiving Dinner

    My family had two calves when we were younger. He named one of them "Choco Bliss" which was his favorite Hostess treat at the time. Choco bliss tasted fantastic after coming off the grill. :lol:
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    Smoking brisket and chicken

    My go to reference is: Lots of tips and recipes that are very easy to follow.
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    Thanksgiving Restaurant or Carry Out Options?

    Smoked Turkey Grilled Oysters Rockerfeller Fried Oysters Then the usual sides. No stuffed ham, I reserve that for Christmas only unless someone buys some and brings it with them.
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    Kari Lake Drowns

    MD's site is a little more detailed.
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    Charlotte Hall, Is Something Happening?

    I'm sure they will, but in order of "importance" according to Adrienne Jones and Bill Ferguson.