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    Emergency vet in southern Maryland

    Does anyone know of a vet who has Sunday hours in the la plata Waldorf area? So far I have found Banfield. I am interested to see if anyone has other recommendations. I have a beagle with a badly torn ear. Thank you
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    Potato Salad

    All I can say is - YUM. I am going to try this.
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    All sorts of weird stuff used to happen to me growing up in my parents' house. There's too much to write here, but one experience was when I was home all alone, about 12 years old, and I felt weird, so I went to my parents' room to watch tv and brought the dog with me. I shut the door, all the...
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    Just one more beagle?

    I love beagles. Both of mine were strays, probably cast off. Don't even get me started about these people ... :smack:
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    Cobb Island beagle

    Yeah you definitely don't want to throw anything toward him or make any sudden moves. He is very shy and will bolt. I am worried he will get scared and run into the street. Woodyspda - that's a good idea about bringing along your beagle. I thought about doing that too, but my beagle is a...
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    Double stroller

    They are definitely useful to have. I'd get one - you won't regret it!
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    How old

    I stopped at 2 years. :bawl:
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    If you lost a 3 or 4 year old at 11pm tonight

    That's beyond scary!
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    Small "lighthouse" table lamps ....

    I have seen them at Home Goods.
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    Fig Help!!!

    We also have a very productive fig tree. You have to keep on top of it. Remove the old ones and get rid of them to keep the bugs away. Pick them ripe (in my experience unripe figs never got any riper, only decayed) and eat/use/freeze them within 2 days max. A fresh ripe fig is a true...
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    toddler advice

    If he eats fruits and veggies that's great. I wouldn't worry about not eating meat too much, because there are other sources of protein - cheese, beans, pasta and yogurt. One big one is Greek yogurt (sold under the brand name Fage and other brands) which has 20g of protein per cup! Since...
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    Injured Paw Pad

    There's an antibiotic cream called Animax that the vet prescribed when our dog cut his paw and it got infected - Animax - It's inexpensive but you need a prescription for it. It cleared the paw up in about a day. If you don't want to pay vet fees right away maybe you could...
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    Little Caylee Anthony

    It's just awful.
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    Alternative to declawing

    Get a scratching post that is covered with sisal (rope cord) not just carpet as that is what cats like. Make sure the post is tall enough, at least 2.5 feet. A short post isn't going to be effective. Show the cat how to use it (demonstrate) and praise him when he uses it. Keep him confined...
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    Crab bait?

    :lmao: Where do I buy those?