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    Irritating Comments

    "Why is your steak crunchy?" :burning:
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    New television shopping

    Is there a way you can hook your cable box to a Roku TV?
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    MVA Real ID License Renewal

    Common Access Card issued by DOD
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    Woman quits job to take care of husband like a 1950s housewife

    I completely agree... I fully believe a family is much better off when mom is able to give priority attention to the home front.
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    What's Causing This?

    I completely understand and agree with your perspectives. I believe "sicker and more dysfunctional" is directly related to the chemicals we willingly and most times UNKNOWINGLY take in every day. It won't be changes in climate that do us in. We've already doomed our species long ago and...
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    What's Causing This?

    But their ARE major increases in these things from years ago. I believe it is environmental from all the chemicals we ingest daily. If you have access to NETFLIX you MUST watch the documentary on Teflon which was invented in the 50s and hit the masses worldwide soon there after. MUST! The...
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    What's Causing This?

    I in 200 of 350 million is a lot more than 200. 🤓
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    "You can't get your news from social media"

    tThat's what I needed.... fixed!
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    MD now has same day voter registration

    Hmmm... that should also work to validate citizenship now that our drivers licenses have to reflect status.
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    MD now has same day voter registration

    :buttkick: I thought the Russians won the internet again.
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    "You can't get your news from social media"

    So if you tweet "👌 I want a 🍑" heads will :explode:? This works better when all the smilies participate but you get my drift.
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    MD now has same day voter registration

    Typical validation of residency is done be mailing the person who registered and if the mail comes back undelivered it nullifies the registration until it can be validated. I would also like to hope other validation is done as well. I found some minute bit of comfort in watching the folks...
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    MD now has same day voter registration

    In a nutshell... here is how it works I've often wondered what stops residents who are ineligible to vote because they are here illegally from checking the box or signing the line and voting anyway. They are already...
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    Trump just can't help himself

    Same sentiment.
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    I know a couple wild and crazy guys always hunting for foxes.