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    What's in your Birchbox?

    I got: Alterna Bamboo UV+ Color Protection: Will try this, smells good! blinc Mascara: Don't wear make up of any kind so will probably give it away. Harvey Prince Hello: Doesn't smell too bad, like it better than the Dior I rec'd before. Jouer Luminizing Moisture tint: ehh, I'll try...
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    Anyone Else Pre-Order the Galaxy S III?

    Ugh! I am so confused with all this tiered and share talk. I just (this morning) upgraded to the Razr Maxx, my DX decided it was donezo last night. I had to change my plan, it said my new phone was not compatible with my current plan, which was unlimited everything. I have one other phone on...
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    What's in your Birchbox?

    :yahoo:, I can see what I will receive on Thursday!! Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Stila One Step Bronze Comodynes Self Tanning Intensive The Stainiac and a Luna bar... I already eat these as it is, but oh well.
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    What's in your Birchbox?

    Mine still shows my May box... and as of yesterday the tracking still said NY, with a projected delivery date of 6/14.:bawl:
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    I don't have a MIL as she passed two years ago. Although there was a 6hr drive between us, the kids did make the trips up to see her with their father (for extended weekends). And she would come down to visit. When we made the trips together a few times before she passed, it was a very you do...
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    Spray Tan

    Tantaztic in Wildewood. The only other spray tan I have used is the one in the shopping center in Lusby across from Appeal Elementary. The name is escaping me right now, but you also said SMC so...
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    good nail salons?

    This is where I went before I moved. I always went to Alan. Loved the way he did my nails (gel) and never had any issues like I did at other places.
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    words with friends..anyone play?

    Hold up, I didn't get any secrets from you and you have clearly whooped my butt numerous times!!!! :tantrum
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    Calvert Ob/gyn Associates

    I love them, sometimes there is a bit of a wait but I always bring a book or play games on my phone. Been going there for about 8 years!
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    Need Pediatrician Recs

    I also love BayShore Pediatrics. I made the drive from Hollywood. My kids have been going there since birth. I have never had a long wait time and LOVE the staff there.
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    CA King bedding?

    I'm loving the site, domestications! thanks for it! We have a king size bed and we have a hard time agreeing on sets because I am always cold and he is always hot, not to mention the patterns! :howdy:btw!!! need to do lunch again before I move, and this time maybe Asahi :yahoo:
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    Teacher presents?

    :howdy: A note was sent home at the girls school and asked if anyone owned a business or knew some businesses that would be willing to donate items to the school for their staff appreciation luncheon this Friday. They also asked for a $2.00 donation from each child to help cover the cost of the...
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    Auto Insurance

    I do understand that, and I am aware that I am financially responsible for everything. But at this point in time, we don't even live in the same state so it isn't a real concern anymore.
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    Auto Insurance

    I am with State Farm, I have an exclusion policy on two of my vehicles. My fiance got a DWI two years ago and my insurance was going to triple with him on it, so we both signed forms stating that IF he was to drive either of my cars and gets into an accident, I have no insurance. I said fine...
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    Should I euthanize?

    That's exactly where we were at. I opted to stay home with the kids while he went and said his final good bye's to his "son". I asked him to give him one last hug and kiss for me, and everytime my phone would go off I thought it was THAT text message, and sure enough the last one I received...