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    Construction in Charlottte Hall

    Does anyone know what is going up next to the new Veterans Outpatient Clinic in Charlotte Hall? Looks like they started clearing the land for some type of construction.
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    Dish Network

    Thanks much for the response. I've read in the past Dish picture quality wasn't that great so good to hear things have improved.
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    Dish Network

    Thanks for the feedback. Helpful info for me to make final decision. Are you satisfied with the picture quality and the number of HD channels?
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    Dish Network

    Thanks everyone for the comments. If I go forward with Dish the equipment won't be purchased. Only equipment fees are monthly charges for hardware like table top boxes/DVR. For service from Dish that is comparable to what I currently have with Direct TV the monthly fee looks to be about $40...
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    Dish Network

    Thanks much for the feedback
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    Dish Network

    Thinking of cancelling my Direct TV subscription and switching to Dish TV. Anyone have any experience, good or bad, with Dish TV? Would appreciate your comments, especially as it pertains to picture quality.
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    Need a oil tank

    Just had an above ground tank installed by SMO. Included a $200 rebate and $100 loyalty credit. Had the tank installed next to the back of the house and under our elevated deck. Oil in original underground tank was filtered and pumped into new tank. Old tank wasn't leaking, just decided to...
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    Boat Canvas Recommendation

    I need to replace the enclosure (Bimini top, front and side Isinglass windows, and the rear drop curtain) on my Trophy 2052 WA. Boat is located on Cuckoo Creek. If anyone has experience with a shop in the area to do the work would greatly appreciate hearing your recommendation.
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    Boat lifts on Cuckold Creek

    Was at my boat the other day which I keep at Weeks Marina ((301) 373-8710) on Cuckold Creek. A new dock was recently installed at the marina and the owner told me he has some slips with boat lifts available. The lifts can handle 25-30 foot boats with a max weight capacity of 6,000 lbs...
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    Misc minor roof related work

    To answer your question, yes I am a capable "Do it yourselfer". Work for a home builder in NJ and have done numerous home projects, including adding additions, finishing basements, replacing windows, etc. My issue right now is I'm having hip replacement surgery and can't get on the roof.
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    Misc minor roof related work

    Have a couple of roof related items that need attention: Repair of two chimney concrete caps and a new seal installed on the roof waste vent pipe. Location is Charlotte Hall. Would appreciate any recommendations for a good repair person to do these jobs.
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    Windshield replacement

    Has anyone used J&J Auto Glass in Mechanicsville to have their windshield replaced? If so, were you satisfied with their work?