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    Thomas Johnson Shut Down

    But it amazes me that in SoCal they drive 75-80 bumper to bumper an seldom pile them up. :sshrug:
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    A gun store in Iowa.

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    For us dirt track peeps....

    Thursday April 11 VMS in Saluda is running Tony Stewarts "All Star Circuit of Champions" sprints. Tony is reported to be diving.. Should be a fun night. Gonna need a shower after this show. We are going to take the camper but they do not have electric or water sites so it is top off the...
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    Foreign Language vs. Programming Language

    I believe it was St Mary's where American Sign Language would meet the requirement for a second language. May no longer be true but I think it should be.
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    Al Gore-led group encourages students to ditch school for climate change

    Most, if not all, states have a legal requirement for anyone under the age of 16 to attend school unless the absence is considered an excused absence. Attending Al's march is not an excusable absence. Charge them all with the misdemeanor and charge Al with inciting unlawful behavior...
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    Dick’s Sporting Goods to Remove Guns From 125 Stores

    Because I just drove 750 miles and feel lazy and don't want to look it up are they just going to stop selling at some Dick's stores or also at the Field and Stream stores? I know that many of the Dick's stores have a Field and Stream store under the same roof but different name.
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    Hollywood elite College Cheating Scam

    Oh, I think it is excessive as I did with the Roger Stone arrest. I am just waiting for the left's hypocrisy to show.
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    Hollywood elite College Cheating Scam If this is true I anxiously await the left's outrage at her being arrested at gunpoint. They were so adamant that the arrest of Roger Stone at gunpoint was justified.
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    AOC - Tries To Grill Wells Fargo's CEO. He Destroys Her.

    Her true stupidity is her choice of foes. If you are going to argue with someone it is usually best to pick someone less intelligent than yourself on the subject. Although in her defense, her finding such a person would probably be difficult.
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    EPA pushes for 15% Ethanol.

    They still ignore the fuels used to produce ethanol. The farmer burns diesel to prep the land, plant, cultivate, spray, and harvest. He uses LP gas and electricity to dry it. He either delivers it with his own diesel rigs or contracts it to a trucker who takes it to the elevator where it is...
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    Spare Me Your Fake Moral Outrage

    Yep, both the XY chromosome and the XX type queens.
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    Weekly predictions from 2021 to 2300 for climate change and the effects on birds.

    The predictions from 10-15 years ago have proven to be false yet they are telling us how it will be in the bird world 280 years from now with granularity to a week! A snippet: La Sorte and...
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    Is it a "deal"?

    I agree but if the numbers are great enough the restoration process will take a long time, special elections, court challenges, etc... During this time our government would be basically stagnant. No budgets, no social programs, anarchy, disheveled military and so on. Not a palatable scenario.
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    ‘The View’ dives headfirst into Melania ‘body double’ conspiracy theory

    They are haggish old crones that need houses to fall on them. If I hate anything about retirement it is the brain sapping things that pass for daytime television. On the upside, I do get a lot accomplished around the ranch between 7AM and 6PM.
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    Is it a "deal"?

    There is fear on both sides of the swamp. It is like the old Cold War doctrine of Mutual Mass Destruction. If one side pushes the button the other side will retaliate in kind, a bad scenario for both and most importantly the country. It could cripple our government if the crooks were to go to...