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    Imitation lobster

    Pollock and many other whitefish take flavorings well because they really have little of their own flavor. A case in point is monkfish or "poor man's lobster". When cooked it has a texture similar to lobster, cooked with lobster scraps and it takes on a light lobster flavor. The fake crap or...
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    Squirrel Removal

    Boris and Natasha Squirrel and Moose Removal. Trump has their number.
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    Empathy and Compassion Solves the Border Crisis

    Our compassion is not shooting them as they invade. Our empathy is not shooting them but sending them back after they are caught.
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    Lord...look the policy changed...again

    How much more bipartisan can he be on this? This is also available on the WaPo but I won't give them any money. Why do you insist on parading your ignorance of the issues and your hatred of Trump?
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    And speaking of stupid...

    Since they make money can their victims sue for reparations? Axing fo a bro.
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    Maybe someone can explain this to me

    The left is so concerned with gaining the power they need to build their Utopia that they will whore out themselves and the country. They pander and fawn to the emotions of the SJWs and the downtrodden with no concern other than themselves. Good enough?
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    Orlando Sentinel declines to endorse Trump in 2020 race

    WGAF about orlando sentinel?
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    So much for the resurgence of steel

    But this? The magic mulatto's reign certainly did wonders. Trump has an uphill battle to undo the damage done. But as shown the Donald has shown a steady increase since hillary lost.
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    I thought drugs ONLY came in thru southern border

    Nobody ever said the southern border was the only avenue moron. They come through ports, the northern border, aircraft, tourists and other ways hence we have Customs Inspectors. When trying to stop a flooding problem it is best to fix the biggest leak first. Damn you are self absorbed with...
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    Trump accuses the New York Times of Treason.

    Hillary is free so disclosing classified information must be alright now.
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    Joe Biden Said Amazon Doesn't Pay Enough Taxes. Amazon Wasn't Having It.

    "Federal corporate taxes are a different story, since Congress specifically devised them with a set of deductions meant to incentivize investment, create jobs, and spur economic growth. " You mean the legal deductions Trump's organizations take that the left is all aquiver over?
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    Great Lakes Reveal a Fatal Flaw in Climate Change ‘Science’

    The science is settled! Water levels will change.