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    Coming Red Wave 2022

    Why would he mention it if it wasn't happening? Yes, I am against late term abortion and infanticide. I can't argue with you about alines but I'm all for vampires and ghosts
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    Coming Red Wave 2022

    I don't need to. Gov. Northam said it live on TV. So his peeps were fine with it whether it actually happens or not. Maybe he was just paving the way. I don't know why he brought it up.
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    Coming Red Wave 2022

    I was surprised to see on Meet the Press this past Sunday, that Chuck Todd was so excited that Kansas didn't vote for the amendment. He really thought it was a huge FU. We all already knew that over half of Americans are fine with abortion rights, they just are not comfortable with the extreme...
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    Something Yummy

    Very True
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    Fruit Fusion Tea

    Yeah, I add sweetner.
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    Something Yummy

    Jesus, i just saw where I posted about these earlier. This getting old stuff sucks
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    Fruit Fusion Tea

    I just bought them online from Bigelow.
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    Are vitamin supplements beneficial?

    Yes, I take a Vitamin D 3 and a B 12 along with my Relief Factor and/or Black Seed Oil
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    Something Yummy I have become hooked! Very refreshing with slices of Lime or lemon.
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    So, I got vaccinated yesterday

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    Liz thought this was a good idea

    I saw this and was wondering how relevant anything Dick has to say would be relevant???? He hasn't been well liked for many years. I agree, I don't think it will work either.
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    Marshall Hall Landing boat launch

    Try Friendship. Small parking lot, but a weekday morning may be fine.
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    Happy Birthday!!!
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    Get ready to grit your teeth

    We gee, I guess they have a point;)
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    Happy birthday luvmygdaughters !

    Happy Birthday!!!