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    Processing grief

    Sorry for the loss of your friend Monello. Sounds like he was an awesome guy.
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    Those lovable pits.....

    When I got Captn. Morgan, her previous owner advised she was GS and Boxer mixed. The vet she took her too confirmed this. But, if you look at the pictures of her, somebody may mistake her for a pit. Since there is no "Pit Bull" breed, I'm not sure how you could ban them. You would have to...
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    Puppy Training-Need To Vent

    Nope, dont believe in outside dogs either. Like I said, when your kids are being potty trained, they have accidents, same with pups. Cant expect perfection right away, but, it will come. I got my four legged daughter when she was 8 weeks old. I had her completely housebroke in a month, but...
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    Puppy Training-Need To Vent

    A puppy can be trained, however, it takes consistency,patience and dedication. My daughter and granddaughter just adopted an 10 week old puppy last month. She and my granddaughter take the dog out every morning, rain or shine to do her business. When my granddaughter gets home from school...
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    Nice Dig At Single Dads

    Uh...when has she lived thru the Holocaust and slavery?? She is an idiot and makes less sense than her husband.
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    Racist Mayor chides black community

    but instead of trying to respect and give help to the less fortunate he throws out insults and offers nothing to improve his community. He is trying to help his community by calling out the members who have children and neglect them. They become society's problem. There is no reason why a...
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    Christening gifts

    I would think a nice blanket or crib comforter would be a great gift. If you could have the date of the christening embroidered, that would be great!
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    What are you serving for Easter dinner?

    Thanks for the tip!! I have Mrs. Butterworths in the cabinet...dont think that would've worked:barf:I'll use the honey and balsamic!!
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    What are you serving for Easter dinner?

    I am going to have to try this. I love brussel sprouts anyway and this sounds yummy.
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    WaWa Hoagie vs Subway Hoagie

    I like Jerry's Italian Sub. The bread is great and all the fixings are delicious.
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    Intoxicated Callaway Man Sits in Lawn Chair, Drinking Beers and Watching Camper Burn as Firefighters Arrive

    I think "We didnt start the fire" shouldve been blaring from oversized outside speaker!
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    A question about refugee distribution

    You were the one on the barstool, right??:alkies:Dont be to hard on yourself...even drunks are entitled to their opinion!
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    Greetings from Las Cruces, NM!

    Great Pics and Congratulation on the record breaking 2nd date!!!
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    Help with Bad Neighbors ?

    If you pay fees to the HOA, they damn well better handle the issue of the trash and the yard. For the pot and blocking the driveway, call the cops.
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    Tis the season