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    AMCA: Massive Medical Data Breach

    How come the Papa Johns website can keep my cc information private, but these huge companies have problems??
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    St. Mary’s County Pharmacies Dispensed Over 32 Million Opioids from 2006 to 2012

    The doctors office phoned in the prescriptions, the pharmacy delivered them to his house.
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    Greetings from Williams, AZ

    Great Pics!! I've flown over it a few times, but never have seen it up close. Its on the bucket list. Enjoy, loved the pic with champagne!!!
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    Best little league coach

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    A snack sized bag of baked bbq potato chips. Now I have 27 pounds to lose by Saturday :yikes:
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    St. Mary’s County Pharmacies Dispensed Over 32 Million Opioids from 2006 to 2012

    Had a terrible impacted wisdom tooth, the dentist prescribed Tylenol with codiene, took it for 2 days, still have it in my medicine cabinet. My father broke his hip when he was in his late 20's. He had 4 hip replacements, the last one resulted in a serious staph infection and the hip had to be...
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    Thanks Everybody!
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    Cottage cheese and watermelon :yawn:. Only have 4 days to lose 25 lbs before going to Myrtle Beach with the fam.:sshrug: What do you think my chances are??:bubble:
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    Now ya don't see that every day!

    Why am I hearing the music from the Wizard of Oz right now??
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    Is it the beginning of the end for drive-thrus?

    Used to have those around, many many moons ago.
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    13-year-old girl with cancer mandated to have surgery over mom's objections

    Thats a tough one. Its not like the mother is refusing treatment for her daughter, she is just refusing the treatment the court deems acceptable. I dont agree with the decision that was made. And like asked before, who is footing the bill for this?
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    A Short Video By Andy From The DSA Convention

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    Anyone work for or know someone who works for Solute in Lex Park? Hear mixed things about the company. Have a friend who’s been contacted by them. Thanks!