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  1. Big UMMMS

    Big UMMMS

  2. Choc. World - Hershey PA

    Choc. World - Hershey PA

  3. riding the Trolley

    riding the Trolley

  4. solomons bridge

    solomons bridge

  5. Rene'es  Turtle

    Rene'es Turtle

    our turtle
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    Comment by 'maillady20636' in media 'Winter Roadway'

    beautiful photo... let it snow , let it snow!! (( as long as the ROADS are clear !! ))
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    Comment by 'maillady20636' in media 'What_is_it'

    thousand legger / ceneped --somekind of creepy crawler bug
  8. Baby Kenny

    Baby Kenny

    Baby Kenny 2-21-86 // 3-24-86
  9. Fishy


  10. camera shy

    camera shy

  11. Squirrel eating corn

    Squirrel eating corn

  12. Wash Dc Turtle

    Wash Dc Turtle

  13. our squirrel

    our squirrel

    Our squirrel