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    Christmas Dinner

    You may have already considered it, but a really good oven thermometer, to ensure you oven is at the temperature you expect it to be. (and a really good meat thermometer, so you know when it hits the temperature you want it to be) Remote sensor works best, so you don't have to open the oven to...
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    Christmas Dinner

    You can talk to the butcher at the commissary ahead of time and let them know what you are looking for. They can help you figure out something. you can even "order in advance" and they can have a size cut you would like, set aside for you to pick up on a specific day.
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    Obama caging kids isn't news

    Democrats quietly delete tweets blaming Trump for Obama-era child detention rates Oops
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    Obama caging kids isn't news

    'This is immoral': Bernie Sanders tweets retracted Reuters story claiming US has 100,000 detained children
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    Need opinions on grills

    decided to try a pellet grill this summer - loving it! Spent last Friday putzing around the yard with a brisket smoking away at 225 degrees for 10 hours. pulled it off and wrapped it, then knocked up the temp to 375 and threw on some chicken breasts that had been soaking all day. flipped them...
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    Woodstock - 50 years

    WXPN radio is replaying the whole concert -
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    Governor's $15 veto overridden
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    Minors to Receive HIV-preventing Drug without Parental Consent

    So if parents don't need to know about their children being prescribed drugs, who is going to pay the cost. Currently a 30 day supply of Truvada is $2,000.00. And since this is not a "treatment" plan but preventative (which there are other ways to prevent HIV) will an insurance company be...
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    Hollywood elite College Cheating Scam

    Guess now we can understand why some of the Hollywood elites have no problem with illegal immigrants skipping to the head of the line
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    Michael Cohen written statement.

    Cohen is being refered to the DOJ for lying to congress - again!
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    New from Nike: The Air Brick

    Don't get onto social media much, but wondering if there will be a meme with a photo of Colin Kaepernick, taking a knee on the sideline, besides a picture of Zion Williamson, laying out on the court with his blown out shoe, and the caption "Nike - taking another knee"
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    Blaming everyone else for your failures...

    Trump to claim democrats caved and paid for the wall - “Am I happy at first glance?” Trump said. “The answer is no. I’m not happy.” A committee negotiating new border security measures tentatively agreed Monday night to dedicate $1.4 billion to Trump's border wall, far less than his $5.7...
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    Va. Gov. Northam

    can't believe there wasn't a post about this prior to November 2017
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    Harris Teeter

    to answer the original question - yes the local Harris Teeter does have a variety of whole coffee beans
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    Steny stands up

    furloughed contractors to get back pay?