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    Shooter at Mandalay Bay in Vegas..

    It also was reported that he had 10 suitcases and at times would stay the casino hotels for weeks and even months at a time.
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    BLM...Baltimore hits 200th homicide

    Relationship Between the Welfare State and Crime Pretty soon, with flight, Baltimore will be left with a small tax base
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    Rip kdenise977

    Terrible :(
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    I am the mother of "that child"

    Forgive me if this is a stupid suggestion, but have you considered saying that he threatened to commit suicide?
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    Why is it so hard to find decent employees in SOMD?

    Good luck and congrats on your soon to be degree :) It's the same thing I hear over and over again around here. I'm guessing once you have that degree it will hopefully be easier for you to at least get an interview and even better that job that you are looking for
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    Fire Ants!

    I've seen mounds here this year, but I don't think they are fire ants. We had them bad in Texas. They hurt too. Amdro is the way to go
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    Why is it so hard to find decent employees in SOMD?

    It's also an area where it's tough to get interviews and to get hired (depending upon circumstances of course)
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    Weis's rant

    I use cider vinegar, the good unfiltered kind. I also add bay leaf, ginger, paprika, (smoked paprika is really good too) and pepper. I use 1:1 on the soy and vinegar. And yes, I also use my pressure cooker. Yes, I found myself skinning chicken thighs from weis (hate doing it ) because I was...
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    Has anyone been out much? How are the roads in California?
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    Opinions wanted on Metrocast Phone

    I had that problem in one home. That's an issue with your wiring and not your provider. With metrocast if internet is down the phone goes down (which happens but not too often) but it would probably solve the issue for you
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    Opinions on Question A - should St. Mary's be a code county as proposed by the commissioners?

    Thank you. It's by far the best explanation that I've seen
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    Best place to put a job listing in St. Mary's

    That slices both ways. Some employers expect loyalty but give none. It's a tough market, and especially for the job seeker. Not showing up for an interview without a phone call is a disgrace. There should be an accessible database somewhere to keep track of who actually does this. Lol. On the...
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    Information on Work at Home Jobs Requested

    Sure. Remember never pay for a job. It's too bad you can't do phone work. A bunch of companies have been hiring recently.
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    Information on Work at Home Jobs Requested

    Lionbridge, leapforce, and one other that I'll post when I think of the name. Another good source There was a great forum that has since shut down. I haven't looked at it in awhile, but there is a Facebook page with former members - workplacelikehome...
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    lots of business expansion

    It is definitely not an employees market and it hasn't been for a long time Perhaps only people who want to fulfill their unemployment requirements? Or perhaps the job description / requirements dont match up to the pay for some reason? A lot of people don't want to work, but a lot of...