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    Democrats: We Demand a $32,000,000,000,000 Government Healthcare System

    The problem with our healthcare system is that there is no accountability for spending when the gov / insurance companies / employers are paying the bills. I know so many people that get acupuncture done only because their insurance offers it as a benefit which we all pay for through our rising...
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    A friend has BPPV which is supposedly common but you should see a doctor to make sure it is not something more serious
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    "Child-free and happy - why won't anyone believe me?"

    Not sure why everyone is so focused on why their way is the right way or wrong way. Anyone can find happiness in almost any choice they make!
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    Poor man's caviar

    Eggplant is so versatile. I like to slice and sprinkle with salt to start. When the liquid rises out, I wipe the slices down with a towel. I find that removing the liquid removes the bitterness. I haven't found it to help too much with improving the texture (more dependent on grilling temp and...
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    Study finds: Nuts may boost male fertility

    Wonder why they used a mixed group of nuts instead of just one type
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    How many states have you visited?

    I haven't spent much time in the Southeast but have been almost everywhere else. Two cross-country drives showed me how beautiful the middle of our country is in many ways.
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    Who DIDN'T have a bad racial or social experience today?

    Saw a child helping an older person and a bunch of people said hello and smiled for no reason. Just imagine if we took all the negative energy and focused it on improving what is going well
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    Google City Future World.

    You will never need to leave your house.
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    Axe-Throwing Bars Are A Hot Trend

    I've also heard of places where you can throw old fine china at a wall and break it. Sounds like it would be a good stress reliever
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    Happy National Handshake Day!

    Good way to make sure any germs in the community spread to everyone ;)